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Telepathy is Happening - 4D is Already Here - LeafieGreens - 05-14-2021

So I have been meeting with a group of fellow seekers in my area in the hopes of making contact with ET's. This is all based on Steven Greer's CE5 experiences. I have been meeting with this group of about 5-10 people for a couple months now.

The group has now started to also explore consciousness and the coherence that is generated when we are meditating together. We have started to "test" this out by doing some telepathy exercises. Due to COVID we have been doing this over Zoom. Tomorrow, May 15, we are meeting in person to try and establish contact. Last year this group already had much success and had multiple sightings of unexplained lights in the sky -- and also even orbs that float around and among the group. I haven't experienced this yet personally but I am hoping that will soon change.

So when we test the telepathic ability of the group we start out by doing a guided meditation to establish coherence. That is important. Then we have one person be the "projector".  That person then thinks of a memory or object that holds some kind of emotional value. They focus on not only the object/memory but also on connecting to the group and sending it out. We have five minutes of gentle music play while the person projects and the rest of the group starts jotting down what they get. When you are receiving it is important to write down everything that comes through. You have to write it down before your mind / ego judges the information. That is also important. We have discovered that the object / memory is better received when it has an emotional value -- such as a treasured trinket from a family member, or a childhood memory of a dear grandparent's home -- stuff like that. I had much success from the group when I was the projector sending out a great memory of a Foo Fighters concert I went to. Nearly everyone in the group was able to see that it was a concert and music was involved.

We have had amazing results. Like mindblowing. Last time a woman who is especially intuitive was able to tell me some incredible details about the memory I was projecting. She was able to "see" the inside of my wife's car and even saw the exact mirrored disco ball that my wife had hanging from her rearview mirror at the time. I have never met this woman in person yet and she knows little about me outside of this group.

This is amazing you guys. It is proof that consciousness is universal.

My theory is that our waking consciousness is the first and most outer level -- it's the most attached to this 3D reality.
The subconscious is a deeper level and more connected to the internal guidance of each of us.
The Super-conscious is the deepest level and is Universal / Divine.

4D is here you guys. Embrace the magic of it. Because this kind of stuff is definitely happening. I can see how it could evolve into Unity Consciousness.

I will report more of my findings and experiences.

I have been hesitant to share this stuff, because I am very protective of this group of compassionate seekers but I feel like it's time to be open about this.

Always learning...

RE: Telepathy is Happening - 4D is Already Here - flofrog - 05-14-2021

really cool Leafie... Heart

RE: Telepathy is Happening - 4D is Already Here - jafar - 05-15-2021

Congratulations on your telepathic experience.

Maybe next time you can 'broadcast' a 'video' to the group and show them that the singer is more badass when he's drumming. BigSmile

Telepathy a.k.a thought transfer is the 'universal' way of communication between consciousness.
It also works for communication between human and animals, animals and animals, human and plant or even plant and animals and definitely human and alien / spirit / ghost / angel / what have you. And yes the more 'emotion' that you put into it, the easier it will be sent and received.

Yet it's not actually a specific 4th density capability, as mentioned above animals and plants are also very capable of doing telepathy. And some people also mentioned crystal / rock are also capable of telepathy, although I personally haven't experienced this myself.

RE: Telepathy is Happening - 4D is Already Here - meadow-foreigner - 05-15-2021

Telepathic communication often occurs on a sub-liminar level.

There are instances that telepathy may become a conscious process.

It is a skill that can and should be developed: if anything, for self-defense.

Its mechanics work in a similar fashion to those of the Internet. Packets (thoughts) are sent and received, by emitters and receivers. Variables such as bandwidth and firewall do exist too.

Intention is an important but not the single factor behind it.

Take note that telepathic suggestions and programming do occur on a daily basis, whether one's conscious about it or not.

Thoughts communicate with one's belief system.

While some imagetic content may be fun to play with, grounding techniques ought to be employed to keep one balanced and also in tune with worldly affairs.

Hyperdimensional beings do communicate via telepathy and note that this is their original playing field, their turf. This is when discernment comes in handy. Telepathy has no spatial boundaries and its contents are more vivid than the 3D bodily sensorial inputs.

The inner "monologue", that "voice" inside one's mind? That is telepathy, though in the echo chamber of one's belief center's boundaries. What would one do if one realized that such mental voice is simply thought in a specific form? Furthermore, that this form can be emitted and received between individuals, and that a connection not only can be established but also kept online?

RE: Telepathy is Happening - 4D is Already Here - Doomchief - 05-15-2021

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!Wink Keep up the good work.
Meditation is the key. When the inner dialogue stops for considerable amount of time the thought develops "gravity" to it. And when the dialogue continues outward the communication happens. The next step is the understanding that it is always a choice and a possibility to train the consciousness and use telepathy on daily basis.