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Quality time - Bosphorus1982 - 08-17-2021

A cool country side coffee house video. Along with the rain falling and the books, it will make you have a pleasurable time. Just imagine yourself there Smile

RE: Quality time - Nikki - 08-17-2021

Thank you for your post, very enjoyable video. The rain cleans and feeds the hungry soil and all of nature. The beautiful colours of fall indicate the change in season in our lives, all is beautiful. The sounds of music uplifts and helps to sooth and let go of y/our troubles. The ability to be there to see all this love is our gift from the cosmos. Blessing Bosphorus.

RE: Quality time - flofrog - 08-17-2021

Bosphorus it is so lovely, thank you ever so much. Exactly as Nikki said, you feel the hungry soil. Beautiful.

RE: Quality time - Bosphorus1982 - 08-17-2021

(08-17-2021, 04:09 PM)flofrog Wrote: Bosphorus it is so lovely, thank you ever so much. Exactly as Nikki said, you feel the hurry soil. Beautiful.

You're welcome Smile

RE: Quality time - Margan - 08-17-2021

Flofrog you got me thinking what kind of soil "hurry soil " was Tongue
you learn new words with autocorrect every day, right BigSmile
To get back on topic - I love nature sounds too ! Have one CD with only ocean sounds, waves crushing to the shore.... that is so wonderful! and pretty much the only kind of noise that totally eliminates my yelling neighbors .
Plus it never gets on your nerves, I could not listen to "normal" music for hours without end, but nature sounds and also singing bowls is just wonderful and creates such beautiful harmonious surroundings Smile
I also have a CD with the songs of whales, must take a re-listen one of these days Smile although those are quite strange sounds at times somehow they make a beautiful symphony, must be because whales themselves are awesome creatures

RE: Quality time - flofrog - 08-17-2021

lol I guess a thirsty soil is in hurry then !! But I corrected the absurd correct spelling mode !! lol