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Invitation – Recommended Reading Before Posting - bring4th_admin - 09-10-2021

The moment contains love | The primary lesson/goal of our lives is to see that love | The game can only be won by surrendering to the melting influence of love | The perfectly balanced entity feels love even in the face of an attack | Love is among the core fundamental teachings of all planes of existence | Love is the springboard and key to intelligent infinity | Love is the salvation of third density | There is no greater magic than love

These messages from Ra are just a small sample of the centrality of love in both the Confederation philosophy and in the life of the positively oriented seeker. So functionally necessary is love that Ra tells us that our very bodies are weakened by design relative to our primate forebears in order to make us reliant upon one another. Consequently, we are more interdependent and thus predisposed toward interacting—thus gifting us the opportunity of exploring “the lessons which approach a knowing of love.”

What is that love that lovers, parents, caregivers, peacemakers, poets, artists, and enlightened beings bring forth? What is that love which moves us to our most noble and selfless deeds? Or that love which is quietly surrendered to when we cry tears of grief and loss? Through joy, comfort, heartache and strife we come to learn the lessons of love.

In the “What is Love?” forum, we have the opportunity to come together to share the hard-earned fruits of our incarnations so that our loving-wisdom may benefit others, for we wish to love more authentically and more deeply, not only in service to others, but in order to participate in and commune with the power and the glory and the truth of the Creator. The true beauty of a sustained focus upon love is that it opens us up to a question that is infinite and mysterious in potential as the Creator Itself.

Love as the Creative Principle has formed everything that there is, all planes of existence and our very being itself. We cannot help but experience Love and Its distortions. And that is the paradox we face in the illusion: we seek our own natures, we seek that which we already are, we seek that which is already in infinite supply. But in that seeking we have free will (confusion) to accept or reject this all-encompassing reality. Through all the hardship of a troubled world which often weighs heavily on our hearts, the choice is ever-present to move towards opening or closing our hearts to love.

Though the deserts and valleys it is in the persistent seeking of love where our power lies and where we align ourselves with the universe. In fact, the mere conscious statement to seek love in the moment is, says Ra, “so central an act of will” that even “the loss of power due to the friction [of insincerity] is inconsequential” upon the doubling effect that love’s seeking has upon the spiritual journey. The intention alone to seek love is empowering and magical, and it builds upon itself.

And because love is at once so exquisitely personal as it is transcendental, each foray into love is as unique as the individual. As we evolve, so too does our conceptual and experiential understanding of love. The journey is endless and calling us ever forward.

In that endless exploration of love, we encounter many questions. Some may include:

What is it to love the self, others, an attacker?
How does the absence of love distort our perceptions and personality?
How does love's dark side cause us and those around us pain and suffering?
What unlocks and frees love?
What is love’s power to heal?
What is love’s balance with wisdom?
What is the relationship between love and sex?
Is sacrifice inherent in love?
How does love become universal and unconditional?
What does love say about the nature of reality?
What is Love as the Logos, the Creative Principle, the Second Distortion?
How may we build a world of love?
What would Earth look like if a critical mass of people lived from the open heart?
What does it mean that “the moment contains love”?

What, dear seeker, is your story of love?