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Main Topic Deleted - Quincunx - 12-11-2021


RE: Observational Clues - IndigoSalvia - 12-11-2021

Interesting thought exercise to look at one's body complex, notice unique features, and explore how those could serve oneself spiritually.

I empathize with the last. I have always been small (short and thin). People have treated me as if I were younger than I am my whole life. It bothered me when I was a younger (because people talked down to me), but I don't have much reaction to it any longer. People make assumptions based on appearances (and I do as well). It leads to communication, and greater understanding.

I have manageable hyperacusis which, in times of stress, flares up. The experiences are unsettling, but to me, it's a warning sign for which I am very grateful. It signals to me that my MBS is overwhelmed and I need to take care.

Nowadays, my wonderful body, which has served me so well, is showing the beginning signs of aging. I am interacting with that process and watching/experiencing what arises.

RE: Observational Clues - Quincunx - 12-11-2021


RE: Observational Clues - flofrog - 12-11-2021

Whoa those two posts are very interesting, thank you both Quincunx and IndigoSalvia... Hmmm you do know that Q'uo definitely ( and I think even Ra ) mentioned that Allergic Persons are most often wanderers through sometimes difficult adaptation to the lower vibes of 3D.

I am not sure Quincunx, that each of your allergies should be directed to necessarily negative traits Wink For example, should really be the orange allergy a clue to powerlessness ? Not so sure !! lol Just my humble little take...

For my part few things like that, which makes me highly doubt I could be a wanderer, lol. The one thing I do have is an extra sensitive nose, lol. I can smell smoke like three miles away so I have a feeling that in a past incarnation, fire must have been a large challenge/catalyst. I remember as a child, I lived in Paris at the time, and one summer evening I was watching the sky from a large opened window with my brother and sister who were much older. There was a fire in a really far away district in Paris that night, I could smell it and I remember getting completely emotional, so much that I got a high fever that night BigSmile

One other thing but not negative is that I have no fear of height, I use to to do rock climbing with my uncle, who was a mountain guide, I can have my feet over the skinniest ridge with an abyss behind me of two thousand feet, it doesn't worry me one bit lol !!

On the more negative clues I used to be so shy that sitting at a dinner table I couldn't open my mouth with my mental in a complete lock down... Thank goodness I worked on that and now I can talk to any stranger I meet which sometimes even has my very friendly kids aghast.

RE: Observational Clues - Quincunx - 12-11-2021


RE: Observational Clues - Quincunx - 12-13-2021


RE: Observational Clues - Vestige - 01-20-2022

(01-19-2022, 06:31 PM)Quincunx Wrote:
(01-19-2022, 05:32 PM)Vestige Wrote:
I have been searching for information on the relationship between the adrenal glands and the energy centers, too, as I, also, have had adrenal gland issues since birth.  I have a profound adrenal dysfunction, and I have become increasingly curious as to why I was given this catalyst, this particular program.  I can, of course, see many advantages that my dysfunction gives me, in the spiritual arena - maybe it was programmed for all of what I see.  Maybe, also, there is a more objective or archetypical reason for the dysfunction.  

I have certainly had ongoing difficulties in relating to my social groups and society at large, and these have often manifested in depression, anxiety, and, sometimes, a profound sense of defeat.  So, could my dysfunction be emblematic of this ongoing lesson?  Could a solution be to accept a more humble life plan?  Or one that simply has a more conscious reliance on faith, hope, endurance, and trust in others, whether I make bold plans or humble plans?

Look at this post Observational Clues

Besides your adrenal dysfunction have you noticed other things about yourself that you feel are not normal when compared to others. These other things could be other clues that could help you understand why you were given this catalyst.

Thank you for inviting me to your thread, QuincunxCowboy 
Yes, I have noticed several things about myself which seem especially 'other' compared to our other-selves, to the degree that I occasionally find myself surprised whenever my thought processes or preferences or other characteristics line up (neatly) with those around me.  That said, I also have not felt, at least lately, that I am profoundly estranged from others.  I generally enjoy the company of others, especially conversation, and I have been able to discover many, many things which I have in common with others, or, at least, can appreciate easily in another. 
I realize this appraisal may sound paradoxical ... So, let me also say - my surprise comes at the kinds of differences between myself and others.  Where I might assume commonality there tends to be difference, and vice-versa.  Now, also, I am sure that one could find many that are quite like me if drawing from the world population.  My surprise also comes at how there are peculiar differences even between myself and my family.  I'll have to revisit this writing at some point to ensure thoroughness, if you would find it helpful.

Small examples:
  • In my dietary habits, I particularly favor tart fruits - no one else in my family prefers or even really likes tart flavors, though my father at least prefers foods that are not overly sweet. 
  • I also have what I am comfortable appraising as a remarkable acuity of hearing (and smell and tactile sensation, but not vision - in fact, each in my immediate family requires prescription lenses).  I can hear a conversation separated from me by several floors or walls.  Snippets of music and shows, likewise, seem to steal my aural attention even when I have audio programs of my own right in front of me.  I am not attempting to eavesdrop; the shift of attention happens compulsively - yet not only when I am in a state of paranoia, stress, or worry.  I admit that I am often bothered by certain noises (and tactile sensations, but less so smells), perhaps because of this sensitivity.  My other family members have their own tolerance of noise, but few noises in particular bother them.  I find I have to, uh, consciously greet with love most instances of electronic buzzing, tapping of ductwork, chewing, spitting (in fact, most gustatory noises), dripping, rain pattering on metal, and, uh, so on.  

I also observe differences of the less-transient kind in my personal pragmatism and philosophies.  
Notably, I tend to be a little iconoclastic: ... in all of my occupational work, I have found some way to innovate the processes or instruments used so that the whole effort is more efficient, more resilient, and more clear, in close (but not always complete) agreement with my coworkers and supervisor ...
... I find it easy to discard (properly) any material or digital possessions, though I prefer to avoid waste and spoilage otherwise ... 
... I find the current (U.S.) tax system (and, really, most of its legal system and government) to be illogical, brash, and rude ...
... and so on.  Much in our shared society appears, to me, to be superfluous at best.  I am usually baffled by the assumption that we "have to" perpetuate certain inefficiencies, though, also, I would prefer non-cooperation over revolt or resistance to such systems (having integrated this belief after many years of struggling with the seeming need to, instead, indeed, resist).        

And, as you read, I was born with a rare and severe adrenal dysfunction, which my sibling does not share though our chances of acquiring the illness were, by a geneticist's estimation, equal.  This seems to have predisposed me in turn to certain mental dis-ease, though I feel fortunate now that I have long stretches where I cannot imagine feeling uncomfortable or afraid or upset at all.

I also have a peculiar air of luck that follows me, which I had only ever found in common with a good friend of mine, though others often were swept up into whatever circumstances contrived themselves around us, usually favorably.  I can always find the right data or sign to inspire me, if I really need it ... Often this extends to more concrete support, when I am really in a bind ... And, as both an inner and outer gift, I tend to see or experience a particular flavor of humor in my life.  I used to call it, "wry," but I found the word has a bit of a negative or indignant connotation.  I usually just find myself admiring how clever it all was, not regretting it, even if it edged to the absurd or surreal.    

From my reading, reflection, and meditation, I feel some resonance with the possibility that I have a dual-activated body, but I am willing to admit this might also be wishful thinking.

What might you say?  I understand none can learn for the other, but do you see any kind of pattern in me?

RE: Observational Clues - Vestige - 01-20-2022

Looking once more through your posts here, I find that you and I appear to share much in common!  Cheese

  1.  I would say I had a fear of heights, though I haven't experimented with that lately.  I remember being terrified, throughout my life, of any of those carnival rides like the swinging ship, the spinning chairs, the tower drop, and similar.  I have even felt wary climbing over a regular chain-link fence, though I feel confident I could do so now without much discomfort, and I am happy to report that I have, once, jumped off a rock ledge into a river many, many feet below me. 
  2. I frequently stutter when I talk, not profoundly, but yes, often repeating words (or adding much superfluous context, ironically).  Likewise, I, too, sometimes completely lose my train of thought.  And, partly for that reason, I, like you, have a great love of writing.
  3. I have a whole panel of allergies; my grandmother is allergic only to melon, and my father to dander, while I am allergic to dust, most tree nuts, raw eggs, mango, and latex rubber, and penicillin.  When I was younger, not much younger, I also had moderate asthma.  I also get occasional minor rashes and bumps of no certain origin.
  4. Others have evidenced to me my youthful appearance, too, which could be linked to my adrenal dysfunction.  However, I have found that I am perhaps more likely than others to be approached and trusted by strangers in public, rather than be assumed to be powerless.  Maybe, for me, it's just that the former situation has come up more often than the latter.
  5. I share my hyperacuity with both flofrog and IndigoSalvia, an intriguing seeming-dissimilarity with your narrowed ear canal.  However, I definitely experience static in the ears, usually when listening to music in the car, or at karaoke.  I usually have brushed this one off as a solely physical artifact.  
  6. I also have a limitation in my manual dexterity, limited to the pinky fingers.  I was born early, so this, too, I assume to be a physical by-result.  The left pinky can almost fully extend.  The right pinky is hopelessly crooked.  I have never been able to articulately play the saxophone as a result.

RE: Observational Clues - Quincunx - 01-20-2022


RE: Observational Clues - Vestige - 01-20-2022

Apologies for the row of posts - I feel it is better to split up the content, but I can mesh my posts together if that would be preferred.
Edit: Written piecemeal and posted after your most recent post, Quincunx, thus no longer part of a row, but not yet acknowledging your newest words. Forgive me the delay, please!
Edit #2: Quincunx, I respect and appreciate your decision to limit what you say in regards to my situation. I am quite intrigued at what you have supposed - in fact, I have, previously, wondered if I might be a fifth-density Wanderer. Further in this post, I had written that I now suspect I am a dual-activated person. I will have to examine myself further, as you have counseled. Thank you.
By dream dictionary, do you mean one attained literally through dreams and dream journaling? I began a new dream journal only a few days ago! How synchronistic this might turn out to be!
Would you share your insights on the Song of Solomon thus far? I look forward to your thesis!

As for the Confederation's insights, I remembered reading this earlier:

Quote:May 7, 2006

... "your basic health is like a default setting. If you were born with radiant health, then that is your factory setting—that is how you came from the manufacturer. Your light body, your energy body, or your chakra system copies that group of settings before birth as part of the integration process of soul or spirit and physical vehicle or body. The memory of that default setting, which is health, radiant and unblemished, is retained by every cell in your body and by every iota of energy in your energy body."

Indeed, my adrenal 'setting' was detected in prenatal screening.  Thus, it was not programming I acquired during this incarnation, rather, it was preincarnative.  That said, I have been told that my birth chart was appraised and a consensus formed in that group of scholars that I was "a spirit trying to decide if he really WANTED to stay here."  This has been a source of both great anguish and inspiration for me.  On the one hand, my adrenal programming could be an 'easy out' from the incarnation borne of my metaphysical cold feet - but I have been advised and accepted that this is quite unlikely.  The adrenal programming could instead be a reminder or, less charitably, a consequence of my alleged hesitation.  Or, maybe I, still in time/space, eagerly selected this programming, and then was struck with doubt when faced with the reality of living out the whole plan of my incarnation.  I am confident only that the adrenal programming is an opportunity; for what, I can only guess at this juncture.

Carla, as Ra explicitly mentions, too, would be a great 'character study' on the topic of physical distortion programming and healing.

To delve a bit more into the May 7, 2006 transcript:


[...] the sufferings and the woes of the physical existence are created as part of the work which lies before the consciousness you carry. That consciousness will use every bit of the suffering that you are able to penetrate [with] your faith

I mentioned that I feel I have outgrown my asthma.  My early birth compromised my respiratory functions, but I believe that was acquired during that earliest period of my incarnation.  First, it was a physical artifact only, I think, then it remained latent until it could serve as a more 'sophisticated' catalyst: When I started running cross-country as part of my middle school team, my asthma resurfaced and was severe.  I remember, during a particular away-meet which had been scheduled just as a hard winter fell, the physical exertion overcame me halfway through the race, and it became nearly impossible for me to breathe unless I walked at a very slow pace.  Several of the host team, having already finished the race, jogged beside me and implored me to keep trying, to run again, to finish strongly the race.  I felt great shame.  I had not the capable physical conditioning of my peers at that time, and I knew that the cold air amplified the strain on my lungs, but I felt it was wrong of me to have those realities about me and that I should run because my peers wanted me to run.  I tried to tell them I could not breathe, but I could barely eke out a whole word.  

My adaptation then was to sort of 'mime' running (in the races that followed; I walked the whole way to the finish line that wintry day and, later that evening, was hospitalized for pneumonia) so that I would no longer be implored to run when I felt incapable.  Later, I transferred schools and again joined the cross country running team.  I was still in poor condition.  However, one of the experienced runners invested their time to accompany me during the first practice runs of the season, and he guided me in building up my endurance and power so that I became able to run without interruption one mile, then two, then three, and so on.  I became a beloved member of the team and found most of my friends within, or convinced others to join.  I still set no records, but I persevered and became a solid mid-performance runner.  My coach gave me the honor and responsibility of (co-)captaining the team in my junior and senior years.  Well, in my junior year, they called me 'lieutenant.'  Anyways, I still, sometimes, doubted myself.  The old catalyst resurfaced.  I walked many of my competitive miles.  Yet, I never lost the support of my coach, my team, and my friends.  I had still grown in my physical capability.  I felt healthy.  I simply wasn't a record-setter.  As I accepted this middle ground more and more, I found my asthma faded.  

Now, in a different period of my life, I am not on any sports team.  I do no competitive running.  Yet, the asthma still has gone, even when I do run for exercise (or fun, or errands).  The adrenal dysfunction remains.  Is this because one program was preincarnative and the other acquired?  Or because the lesson has not yet been integrated sufficiently?  Or because the adrenal programming simply offers a lifetime mould for my spirit?  Again, I have not yet penetrated to a single, confident conclusion.  Yet, the two programs seem distinct to me.


In a way, you may see yourselves as pilgrims who carry their packs not over their shoulders wrapped in a kerchief, as the mythical hobo figure does; rather, you may certainly see yourself as that pilgrim on the road, the journey of spiritual evolution. The pack that you carry lies within. What is metaphysical food? What does your pack hold? The answers that you offer to that may well indicate the true nature of your wellness.

[...] you may discover that many seemingly physically healthy people are not well. You may also discover that many seemingly frail people are extremely healthy. The actual state of wellness within your organism is a function not only of the state of your physical body and not only the state of your mind, it also contains an element that is difficult to quantize.

The 'difficult quantity' here might be, I believe, our unique frequency of free will with which we are created at the dawn of time, if you will excuse the inaccurate turn of phrase, for we can intellectually assent to the idea that the dawn is an eternal dawn.  I will not analyze their comments on the great smelting work of free will here now, except to relay that we are free will forged together with love. And:

Quote:If you see the perfect body and wellness itself as a state of love, then you will see that fear is a choice which turns one away from the face of love. Therefore, the choice for healing is a choice to lose fear and choose love.

Fortuitously, there is also a discussion of the dual-activated personage, or the active yellow and green ray bodies in one person in third-density, in this same transcript.  I mentioned that I resonate with the idea of, maybe, being one of these persons.  

(Austin, too, has a great thread on dual-activated persons here: <> and there are other informative threads on this also.)

The dual-activated body may contribute to the shape of the disease and defenses, both, in the body.


The fourth-density-activated entities or dual-activated beings are tougher at looking straight in the mirror of the self, seeing the weeds, and deciding on a form of weed control.

It is up to you to decide how you want to deal with this judgment of self. We especially want to indicate that in our opinion it is not well to judge the self in the way of this instrument’s experience of the Old Testament. We do not want you to condemn yourself. We want you to see that when a plant is not wheat, that plant is a weed.

Elsewhere, it is mentioned that, like the Wanderers from other spheres and other densities, the dual-activated person must recapitulate the lessons of love in their return incarnation.  I have the opinion that such persons might have a 'fresh game,' so to speak, in that they start off without polarity but with a high propensity for regaining whatever it was when they last were harvested.  I certainly remember being an angry, obstinate, confused child.  I'm a little bit better now, and still working.  

Quote:In terms of what body will be activated when: they are both activated now, but you are in a third-density physical vehicle. You are living on a third-density planet. You are here for a reason. 

So, I have my programming because I still have a third-density life, and a third-density vehicle, and that programming will help shape my lessons of love, once again.  I want to know the shape.  I believe I have caught a few angles and curves on that shape.  Above all, I am glad to be shaped, and I look forward to exploring more, feeling more, learning more, being more.  (With you!)

RE: Observational Clues - Vestige - 01-20-2022

(01-20-2022, 07:50 PM)Quincunx Wrote:
(01-20-2022, 06:53 PM)Vestige Wrote: Looking once more through your posts here, I find that you and I appear to share much in common!

I can say we are on similar paths. However, I am not allowed to say to what to degree. This has to do with your purpose for being on Earth at this time. In other words, it is best if I do not accumulate more karma than I already have by speaking of such things. I still do have a certain level of free will but I also feel reserved as to what I can say. In my opinion, you have described weaknesses that are related to the fifth chakra or throat chakra. In light of this you may be of 5th density. It is up to you to define your allergies using a dream dictionary in the negative context. I see an allergy as a negative trait. These clues will help you figure out why you have incarnated on Earth. I am currently researching the "Songs of Solomon" that is in the Bible. I believe it is related to 5th density wanderers. When I feel I have enough information as to why I believe it is about 5th density wanderers than I will be posting this on the Bring4th forum. Stay tuned!

If you wouldn't mind, I want to delve now into the phenomena and role of allergies.  You counsel me to examine my allergies for clues to my purpose on earth.  You find allergies to be part of the negative traits.  Do you mean in the sense of negative wisdom, specifically, as both Carla and Jim experienced (in, let's say, very different expressions)?  Are allergies tied also to the throat chakra, if they cause anaphylaxis?  My allergies to tree nuts cause anaphylaxis, while the others have not yet caused this but have this potential.

Quote:Ra Material, 98.5, snippets

The working of your fifth-density companion, which still affects the instrument, was, as we have stated, a potent working. The totality of those biases which offer to the instrument opportunities for increased vital and physical strength, shall we say, were touched by the working. The blue-ray difficulties were not entirely at an end after the first asking. Again, this group experienced blockage rare for the group; that is, the blue-ray blockage of unclear communication. By this means the efficacy of the working was reinforced ... 

We suggest that the instrument’s allergies create a continuous means whereby the distortion created by the magical working may be continued. As we have stated, it shall be necessary, in order to remove the working, to completely remove the distortion within the throat area caused by this working. The continuous aggravation of allergic reactions makes this challenging.

allergies are quite misunderstood by your orthodox healers

The allergy may be seen to be the rejection upon a deep level of the mind complex of the environment of the mind/body/spirit complex. Thus the allergy may be seen in its pure form as the mental/emotional distortion of the deeper self.

the weight gain, as it occurs, is the product of two factors. One is the increasing sensitivity of this physical vehicle to all that is placed before it, including that towards which it is distorted in ways you would call allergic

The opportunity for this entity to experience massive allergic reaction from streptococcal and staphylococcal viruses has been offered in hopes that this entity would wish to leave the incarnation

This entity is allergic to those items which are unavoidable in transitions within your third-density illusion [that is, dust, mildew, etc.

Quote:May 6, 2017

We would also suggest [...] the area of the energy centers that is affected by such an allergy be noted, for indeed, the allergy, or rejection of a certain portion of either an environment or an experience within the environment, is reflected in the energy center that is, itself, the subject of the allergic reaction.

the allergy has, for the entity, made a statement in evaluating repeating interactions between the entity with the allergy, and other entities, other thoughts, other places, or things, shall we say

In my experiences with my tree nut allergy, anaphylaxis is probable (though not unavoidable), immediately closing the throat.  All of my allergies provide a hot, itching sensation about the forehead, face, mouth, throat, and sometimes feet.  The lesser allergies often cover my arms, chest, and torso with hives.  So, the attacks may be affecting profoundly the indigo and blue chakras, and less severely the green, yellow, and orange.  However, it seems that, at the core, allergies and other sensitivities or intolerances represent a dishonesty in perceiving the relation between self and other-self, a blue ray blockage as you surmisedwhere 'other-self' can include the environment and situation as well as other persons.   

Indeed, the last time I had an anaphylactic attack, it was preceded by much dishonesty and discord, largely unspoken, between myself, my then-partner, and her family.

Quote:Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 26

It is common for wanderers to suffer from allergies/asthma, reacting to both the natural substances of the earth and the distortions of those substances. I do not suggest that such allergic reactions are mental. Certainly, it is the physical body that is finding disharmony; but part of the disharmony comes from your fight with the incarnation.

I want to go into some specific detail here. There is not specific vocabulary to discuss this. Let us use metaphor. I return to that example I gave yesterday. We have the perfect light, the perfect light body template, shining down on a white sheet of paper, which is the physical body. Let us adapt a term that we will call sub light body. This is not sub “dash” light but sub light body, slightly lower than the light body. Let us envision here a piece of perfect cellophane. The light that shines through onto the paper of the physical body is perfect. When you wrinkle the cellophane and unfold it, the reflection of those wrinkles shows up on the piece of paper. When you identify with the wrinkles and start to believe they are real on the piece of paper, you act in certain ways as if they were real. When you remember that the perfect, unwrinkled sheet lies within the wrinkled sheet, your attitude toward the reflected wrinkles on the lower page, which represents physical body, will change. You look at the wrinkle and you say, “It’s there, or appears to be, but I don’t have to act as if it’s real.” When you can dwell more fully in the ultimate reality, what happens is that your energy field does not contract around each wrinkle. There is spaciousness around what has arisen.

Let us bring this picture back to the situation of the wanderer with physical-body discordancy on the earth plane. The light body template is always perfect and in full harmony with all that is. Here sitting in this room is the ever-perfect physical body which carries an experience of distortion. Focus on that pain or discordance, seeing it literally as a reflection of a wrinkle in that sheet of paper: the painful back, the stomach problem, allergies, whatever it may be. I am not suggesting that it is not real within the relative reality in which you dwell. If your stomach or back hurts, your stomach or back hurts. If there is allergy and watering of the eyes, that is happening; you are experiencing it. But it is not the only reality. A higher reality is the innate perfection which is also there.

We move into the same two steps I discussed yesterday, acknowledging the real, uncomfortable experience and finding openheartedness for the discomfort, that there is no longer such strong aversion, no longer such fear of it. The pain and/or aversion themselves are part of all that is. Do not create a duality here.

The second part is to move back into this perfect light body template. Instead of allowing the physical body to reflect the discordancy which mental and emotional bodies have created, and in which you have pain, come back to your perfection and rest in it. In a sense it is a kind of wordless affirmation. You are not denying the relative plane of reality, but choosing to more fully ground yourself in the ultimate reality of who you are.

No, you will not wipe away all your physical ills with this practice. They are gifts of the incarnation. Through your own pain on the earth plane, you learn a deep sensitivity and compassion for the pain of all who suffer. You are meant to fully experience this as third-density human. So this practice is not going to get rid of all physical distortion, but it will considerably lessen the intensity with which you experience it. All you need to do is to sit for a few minutes in meditation when this physical distortion feels strong, send deep compassion to the human which is suffering its stuffed nose or back pain, and then allow yourself to connect to the light body template and relax into the perfection of your being. Remember, the light body template is not disharmonious to this density. You create the body disharmony through the contractions which arise out of your struggle with the heavy density experience. When you relax and rest in the spaciousness of the ultimate, the disharmony resolves.
Quote:Aaron-Quo Dialogues, Session 25

If the wanderer is fourth density, the mud will tend to be along the lines of what is right and what is wrong, what is moral and what will help. There is a kind of desire to battle the forces of negativity. When the wanderer has come into the cycle of reincarnations from fifth density, the mud is likely to tend towards sticking in the area of life dealing with intimacy, for the wisdom density has the hard-won opinion that the war of good and evil is not necessary. Whereas the fourth-density wanderer will speak in terms of relationship, the fifth-density wanderer will speak in terms of self and Creator, certainly a relationship beyond all others but not a relationship easily practiced upon the family and acquaintances one meets at first glance.


There is the tool called “practicing the presence” which is most helpful to some. In this practice, the wanderer may simply move through each moment without attempting to solve or to understand as much as to witness, and to remain with that witness no matter how the picture might change; for the center is again and again called into being by this practice. When there is joy, the wanderer may speak of it to the infinite One. When there is sorrow, the wanderer may speak of it to the infinite One. Anything whatsoever may be experienced, and the response being praise and thanks to the Creator remains relevant for each and every possible situation.

The edge the wanderer has is this very discomfort coupled with the typical, enlarged certainty that this is not the way it has to be; this is not necessary. The wanderer can pull from its subconscious those gifts allowed through the veil of forgetting, the heightened sensitivity that so often erupts as allergies and food sensitivities, asthma and other illness. These manifestations are the shadow and flip side, as it were, of the ability of the wanderer to trust that remembrance of a life made of light in more harmonious configurations of energy betwixt beings who are more obviously beings of light.

I mentioned that I am somewhat of an iconoclast; I see no reason to cooperate with what I perceive as unskillful governments and customs.  Is this consonant with the fourth or the fifth density?
I used to believe active resistance was necessary, yet I never engaged in any significant acts representative thereof.  I then developed the belief in non-cooperation; so does this represent a recapitulation of some lessons from the wisdom density? 

Q'uo mentions that each density, not just that of wisdom, is accompanied by a so-called quantum leap of organization and information.  I also was much more arrogant and self-centered, assured of the potency of my intellect, when I was a little younger.  Currently, I do not believe, as Ra characterizes the fifth-density Wanderer, that my "abilities to express wisdom are great."  I like to conversate - that should be obvious to everyone reading this thread!  I might even have a small talent with words.  But, wisdom?  I doubt.

RE: Observational Clues - Quincunx - 01-21-2022