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meteor shower tonight... - flofrog - 01-02-2022

For those who perhaps do not live in urban areas....

there's a Quadrantid meteor shower tonight, sit on your folding chair with a nice coat if it is cold and check the sky  Wink

RE: meteor shower tonight... - Margan - 01-03-2022

awww..... did anyone see them?
Here it was cloudy skies anyways. I sometimes do see shooting stars though, outside the meteor shower dates....
and I apparently saw the comet!
Yeah, the Xmas comet Leonhard Smile the week before Xmas, he sailed around Venus and then he was gone.
Every Xmas should have a comet imo.

RE: meteor shower tonight... - flofrog - 01-03-2022

I agree Margan, every Xmas should… one more thing we have to request from TPTB,  RollEyes

I saw the comet too. Blush Totally by chance, because I am brainless