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Love as a focus - dreamoftheiris - 02-04-2022

In physics, a “focus” is defined as “a point at which rays of light, heat, or other radiation meet after being refracted or reflected.”

When observing a prism for example, the “focus” is the point where the rays of light refract.  

[Image: thumb_720_450_dreamstime_m_41249358.jpg]

Why does Ra refer to Love as a focus then? 

Because Love, as a creative force, focuses infinity into infinite energy.  In other words, Love makes infinity accessible.

Ra says,

“Awareness led to the focus of infinity into infinite energy. You have called this by various vibrational sound complexes, the most common to your ears being ‘Logos’ or ‘Love.’ The Creator is the focusing of infinity as an aware or conscious principle called by us as closely as we can create understanding/learning in your language, intelligent infinity.”

Infinity cannot know itself if there is no focus.  If there isn’t a way to distill it down into a discernible form. 

Hermes Trismegistus calls Intelligent Infinity “Reason”.  Reason, as we define it in our time, means “to think and understand.”

“Reason”, used in a hermetic context, is a state of perfect balance.  It is a state of incorruptibility of perfect logic and Truth.  It is called “Knowledge” in the Allies of Humanity and Cassiopeia material.  “Knowledge protects” according to the Cassiopeians and it is Knowledge, or Reason, that provides information. 

To be informed requires having Knowledge.  Thus, Reason, or Intelligent Infinity, informs the lower by establishing Truth. 

Hermes writes, “And the Word which appeared as a pillar of flame out of the darkness is the Son of God, born of the mystery of the Mind.  The name of that word is Reason.  Reason is the offspring of Thought and Reason shall divide the Light from the darkness and establish Truth.”

The Word is also referred to as the Logos and it’s interesting that Hermes is saying that the Word is the offspring of thought. 

In order to have a thought, one first must focus.  The very act of thinking requires the focusing of energy directed towards creating a thought. 

Our thoughts are our creations and as Manly P. Hall says, “we are lured into chaos by our own thoughts”.  We become obsessed with them and possessed by them.  They take us over completely and we become servants of thought. 

As Mary Magdalene wrote, “What we do takes us further away”. 

There is a great paradox here and that is that thought takes us away from the center, away from Reason, but it also creates the possibility for mankind to transcend and enter into Reason.  It is only through the exploration of the mystery of the Mind that the “son of God” can be born - or that one can enter into Intelligent Infinity.

RE: Love as a focus - Sacred Fool - 02-04-2022

Personally, I favour a simpler view of the term "focus."  All begins as infinite possibility,  but then differentiation occurs, exactly the way our bodies begin as undifferentiated cells, and then they begin to differentiate with some becoming bones, some becoming organs, etc.  In The Beginning, before the "cells," consciousness itself coalesced and discovered itself.  This then became the means of further focus and differentiation.  It seems to moi that what Ra calls love could maybe also be called consciousness of self awareness?  Is it not self-awareness on some level which allows and prompts the cells to go to work as individual units within the organisation of a greater whole?

Or....something like that.....

RE: Love as a focus - Malajube - 02-07-2022

@Sacred Fool

In session 13, there is a bit of a discussion on the basic life forms. Ra describe the 1st density as "self aware" and also "conscious", though also specifies that Ra is referring to mineral and water life. Cells, are seemingly described in 13:18"...the difference between first-vibrational mineral or water life and the lower second-density beings which begin to move about within and upon its being. This movement is the characteristic of second density, the striving towards light and growth."

This was one of the many interesting idea's I remember encountering reading through the material. Definitely gives plenty to chew on. Lines rather well with some of our current understandings of the world.