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Inviting everyone to have a look at my service - omcasey - 02-18-2022

I have just spent this past year, or almost "year" reformatting my entire platform : website, patreon, community forum board, youtube channels. If you like the subjects of spiritual self development, out of body experience, et contact, kundalini, channeling and the like you may find some enjoyment looking around. - reading some of the logs, listening in on videos and live-streams, viewing some of the work ( a skill I have ) with the crystals, which I am able to use, in a sense as communication devices. I channel visuals through them. I bring through the beings, those who are connecting with me from other dimensions. I have even brought through beings from our planetary timeline ( I will show you one so you get a sense ) :

[Image: 095dea71-d0d4-4236-a5a8-67b16bffdd5f.png]
This is Nostradamus.

Every now and again someone known comes through.... David Bowie, Copernicus, Albert Einstein.

Mostly they are the ETs who come through, though. You can see a collection of them on the website and in some of the videos.

This 10 minute video explains the whole thing a bit. Somewhat of a unique skill. You may like exploring the idea.

These are my links

Forum Board:

Thanks for exploring the work. 


RE: Inviting everyone to have a look at my sites - Brandon Gwinn - 03-03-2022

Your latest video guide to the Om was great. I had subscribed to your channel a little while back. I wish you well for positive growth and expansion.

RE: Inviting everyone to have a look at my sites - omcasey - 03-03-2022

Thank you, Brandon, I wish the same to you as well. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment on the video, the audio is from some time ago, from classes I used to teach a decade and two ago but I am remastering the video versions of this one and others. I was just going to share this one, Sounding Out Om here in another forum. I will do that later now, I have a healing circle coming up. Can't miss the healing circle!

RE: Inviting everyone to have a look at my sites - omcasey - 03-08-2022

I know I am not a channel quite like the other AMAZING souls here, - but I am a channel, and what I do is in a sense new.

Roughly 5 years ago, following multiple decades of a highly spiritually disciplined life, and conscious awakening which freed me from the confines of our planetary sphere ( 2009 ), a dormant capacity was activated that allows me to work with crystals in a unique way. It allows me to combine my consciousness with the consciousness of crystals and act as a transmitter of signals that are sent from one point in time, to another point in time. - our point in time, to be exact.

The signals are visual in nature. They allow you to see. Could open face-to-face contact with extraterrestrial intelligence begin in such a way on our planet? I would say indeed it is. For here I am. And here they are. More than 100 of the beings who have come through. All in one, loving continuous flow. Connect with them. See if you can detect their state of presence. They will work and play with you, ( of course ) to the degree that you allow.

Let me know if you take the ride?

RE: Inviting everyone to have a look at my service - omcasey - 04-28-2022

[Image: screen-shot-2022-04-26-at-6.37.15-pm-1.jpeg]
See interview on Rumble  :  See Interview on Odysee

I don't see a way to directly embed a video from Odysee or Rumble, so I am posting the photo and the links are directly underneath.

Someone in my group wrote to Kerry and the very same day she invited me on.

I give a bit of commentary on this on my website.

Enjoy the show!

Regression Sessions - omcasey - 07-01-2022

[b]Six years ago, January 2016 I put out this call for a regression therapist.[/b] 

That call was magically/wondrously answered just a couple months ago, April 3, 2022 by one Crystl F. McCall. Once we met, we dove right in and began working together immediately. It was agreed in the beginning that we would share this material, notably any and all of it which was particularly interesting, relative to the work with the crystal. I have had time to finally begin working with the recordings and getting them out. These are the first two:

This upload (above ) contains clips from our first session together. I formatted the content so that you can get a feeling for the QHHT style induction and process of moving through a session. Included are two mundane lifetimes and section "speaking with the subconscious". We are no longer using this process and instead just diving quickly and going directly after material that is associated with the crystal work and the beings who are coming through to us in this way. 

We are mining now only for this specific data. 

In this session ( above ), the second of its kind, we skip the QHHT induction and process and slip directly IN with the simple suggestion to "fall into consciousness" and "take a deep breath" ( this is all I need ). We then go directly after information related to the crystal work and the beings who are coming through to us. I am able to consciously shift from here to there, relaying to you the 'in-between' areas I often pass through. One of these areas is a cartoon area, where everything appears as a cartoon. Crystl is familiarizing herself with this tendency of mine and bringing us both up to speed on its function and purpose. Once making our way through this area today, a portion of which lands us on the continent of Africa, we shift directly into Egypt, and from Egypt to Aldebaran; we are following a being named Al-Ahn, a Feline/Human hybrid who has transmitted to us through the crystal.


You can see Al-Ahn and keep up to date on these sessions <-- here.
Or this is the direct link to the YouTube playlist


Regression : Session 4 : Indigenous Plains People - omcasey - 07-10-2022

This regression session had a profound affect on me. I experience myself walking into the life with who will be the Shaman of the tribe ( Atuha ) and a large bird named Ibi. It is a lifetime of achieving deep level of connection with all things. I do not die, but rather when the time comes, combine my consciousness with the consciousness of the bird and fly into the horizon. I learned in this lifetime that I often incarnate with this bird. That at the conclusion of the lifetime I combine my consciousness with it in the making of my departure.--leaving a portion of myself with the bird before continuing on.

There is also @25 minutes a section speaking with the subconscious.

That part of these sections is getting HIGHLY interesting.

I am getting into the ( trance ) channeling state.

[Image: screen-shot-2022-07-10-at-5.10.36-pm.jpeg]

Ceann ( as Quinn ), a deep level connection I am reintegrating with at present
Ahren, my Anunnaki counterpart
Atuha, the counterpart I followed into the lifetime depicted in this regression session
Ibi, my winged companion has also come through