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Main Topic Deleted - Quincunx - 02-24-2022


RE: Serendipity - IndigoSalvia - 02-24-2022

I agree: dreams are quite (entirely?) unique to the dreamer. We have a lifetime of experiences and associations that contribute to the formation of them.

When someone shares a dream of theirs with me, or when I journal about my own dreams, I first start with how I felt in the dream.

Dreams, to me, are like a different language: highly symbolic and not literal at all.

Like many other things for me, it is a practice and something I take into meditation, and chats with my spirit guides.

It is rare for me to experience a dream that directly relates to my waking life in a straight-forward fashion. So I rarely am able to draw a clear line between waking and dream life.

Instead, I tend to get new perspectives on life in general, even though the characters and settings are quite personal and specific to me. And would mean nothing but gibberish to someone else. Heck, most of the time, they are gibberish to me, and it takes me a while to discover and interpret themes and symbolic meanings.

Since dreams are so unique to the dreamer, I also expect their purpose or activity to be unique as well. In other words, just because mine aren't serendipitous for me doesn't mean another's aren't for them.

Aren't dreams absolutely fascinating? It is our glimpse into the vastness. Mine dissolve very quickly upon waking, especially when I awake suddenly. And, I always wish to linger to learn and see more.

RE: Serendipity - MrWho - 02-24-2022

I find that when I take breaks from smoking cannabis that my dreaming becomes many times more vivid and memorable.

When I smoke I hardly remember any of my dreams.

RE: Serendipity - Vestige - 02-24-2022

(02-24-2022, 06:41 PM)Quincunx Wrote:
(02-24-2022, 01:22 PM)IndigoSalvia Wrote: Aren't dreams absolutely fascinating? It is our glimpse into the vastness. Mine dissolve very quickly upon waking, especially when I awake suddenly. And, I always wish to linger to learn and see more.

I wish I could say that I remember every single dream I have ever had but this is not the case. When I am aware of the dream happening I try to review the dream before moving myself in my bed. Sometimes I will ask higher self to show me the dream again so that I can remember what was experienced. There are times where I do not write anything down and see how long I can hold onto the information throughout the day. I have found that if the information is important or unique to something that I would like to further investigate then I can retain the experience of the dream for several days before it fades away.

I am currently curious about why I would not remember the dream after being able to retain the information upon waking up for the last few years. Is it because the information is no longer valid or something has changed in my seeking and therefore the dream is no longer applicable to any circumstance that will be experienced throughout the day? I love this mystery.

Quote:86.7 Questioner: You stated that dreaming, if made available to the conscious mind, will aid greatly in polarization. Would you define dreaming or tell us what it is and how it aids in polarization?

Ra: I am Ra. Dreaming is an activity of communication through the veil of the unconscious mind and the conscious mind. The nature of this activity is wholly dependent upon the situation regarding the energy center blockages, activations, and crystallizations of a given mind/body/spirit complex.
In one who is blocked at two of the three lower energy centers dreaming will be of value in the polarization process in that there will be a repetition of those portions of recent catalyst as well as deeper-held blockages, thereby giving the waking mind clues as to the nature of these blockages and hints as to possible changes in perception which may lead to the unblocking.
This type of dreaming or communication through the veiled portions of the mind occurs also with those mind/body/spirit complexes which are functioning with far less blockage and enjoying the green-ray activation or higher activation at those times at which the mind/body/spirit complex experiences catalyst, momentarily reblocking or baffling or otherwise distorting the flow of energy influx. Therefore, in all cases it is useful to a mind/body/spirit complex to ponder the content and emotive resonance of dreams.
For those whose green-ray energy centers have been activated as well as for those whose green-ray energy centers are offered an unusual unblockage due to extreme catalyst, such as what is termed the physical death of the self or one which is beloved occurring in what you may call your near future, dreaming takes on another activity. This is what may loosely be termed precognition or a knowing which is prior to that which shall occur in physical manifestation in your yellow-ray third-density space/time. This property of the mind depends upon its placement, to a great extent, in time/space so that the terms of present and future and past have no meaning. This will, if made proper use of by the mind/body/spirit complex, enable this entity to enter more fully into the all-compassionate love of each and every circumstance including those circumstances against which an entity may have a strong distortion towards what you may call unhappiness.
As a mind/body/spirit complex consciously chooses the path of the adept and, with each energy center balanced to a minimal degree, begins to open the indigo-ray energy center, the so-called dreaming becomes the most efficient tool for polarization, for, if it is known by the adept that work may be done in consciousness while the so-called conscious mind rests, this adept may call upon those which guide it, those presences which surround it, and, most of all, the magical personality which is the higher self in space/time analog as it moves into the sleeping mode of consciousness. With these affirmations attended to, the activity of dreaming reaches that potential of learn/teaching which is most helpful to increasing the distortions of the adept towards its chosen polarity.
There are other possibilities of the dreaming not so closely aligned with the increase in polarity which we do not cover at this particular space/time. 
I thought that this exchange had mentioned that in those dreams where the dreamer works with their actual guides, the memory of the dream is usually veiled upon waking yet the teachings become available even in the waking life as circumstances arise which require those teachings.