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The current Ukraine crisis... - aWanderer91 - 02-25-2022

Hi all

I don't want to preach, but I felt a calling to share this.

I'm sure we all know of the current events taking place in Ukraine, it's heartbreaking and surreal to watch, I can't imagine how the Ukrainian being's feel right now.

I would just like to shed some light on the power of prayer and visualization at a time like this. To send love and light to Ukraine may help in many powerful, beautiful and unseen ways. And I would like to add that not only is it a great step on our parts to send love to Ukraine, but also to the Russian soldiers that they may open their hearts and see things differently. That they may refrain from committing torture and murder on the Ukrainian citizens. Think about a Russian soldier pointing a gun at a Ukrainian citizen, only to change his mind at the last moment. That he may open his heart and realise what he is about to do. I believe love and light can be sent both ways in this regard.

Personally I like to visualise beautiful glowing golden light falling over an area (Ukraine in this regard) and falling onto the floor. Like a bed of dust. A prayer or a visualization only takes a moment or two. Yet its effect could ripple and help create changes for a lifetime.

Good day to you all and I hope this helped to inspire in someway Smile

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - flofrog - 02-25-2022

Agree, aWanderer91.
The difficult strangest things to be able to have a peaceful breakfast, or even some sleep when at the same time there is so much fear and probably screams and all, over there

I have been sending pink light io both sides, since I am a sap.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - aWanderer91 - 02-25-2022

And you keep being a beautiful sap, dear flofrog Smile

The world needs more beings like you.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - Patrick - 02-25-2022 Wrote:As you are surely aware by now, Russia invaded the Ukraine this morning. No matter one's stance towards the mire of planetary distortions at play, it's undeniable that war is a tragedy that brings suffering, sorrow, and separation. We would like to invite everyone who loves peace and harmony to join us at L/L Research in a meditation for world peace that will begin at 9:00am Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, February 26, and last for fifteen minutes.

Through our shared intention from wherever we may be on our beloved planet, we will link our spirits together. During that time we ask everyone participating to send love, light, and healing energies to the Ukrainian region and its people. We will end the meditation with our prayer for Gaia, our Mother Earth and her people:

"We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen."

For anyone who is interested in a short visualization of our Mother Earth that seeks to heal the disharmony within its population, we offer you this link:

Wherever you may be, you are also always invited to link energies each day in healing our planet through our regular Gaia Meditations:
(For reference as to the current time in the Eastern Standard Time Zone:

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - aWanderer91 - 02-25-2022

I got this email, thank you for sharing Patrick as I should of added this on Smile

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - Patrick - 02-25-2022

Crying of Earth

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - MonadicSpectrum - 02-25-2022

Beautiful visualization; thanks for sharing, aWanderer91.

I like to think back to this quote from Ra when considering the possibilities of seeing positive aspects to war, and how it can, in particular, provide catalyst for increasing polarization.

Quote:I am Ra. You may see this in relationship to your gadgets. This war and self relationship is a fundamental perception of the maturing entity. There is a great chance to accelerate in whatever direction is desired. One may polarize negatively by assuming bellicose attitudes for whatever reason. One may find oneself in the situation of war and polarize somewhat towards the positive activating orange, yellow, and then green by heroic, if you may call them this, actions taken to preserve the mind/body/spirit complexes of other-selves.

Finally, one may polarize very strongly fourth ray by expressing the principle of universal love at the total expense of any distortion towards involvement in bellicose actions. In this way the entity may become a conscious being in a very brief span of your time/space. This may be seen to be what you would call a traumatic progression. It is to be noted that among your entities a large percentage of all progression has as catalyst, trauma.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - flofrog - 02-26-2022

Thank you Nomadic.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - IndigoSalvia - 02-26-2022

ah, yes, my heart has been with those in this conflict, on many sides of this conflict. those who flee, those who stay, those who carry weapons, those who sit at a distance making decisions, those plants and animals, of course our mother Earth, and many, many others.

I must continue to remind myself of Ra's suggestion: send L&L, and bid them peace on their journey.

when I visualize all of our lighthouses radiating, what a fantastic loving light!

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - Margan - 02-27-2022

Just a couple of thoughts on that....
the US-Nato alliance has been poking at the Russian bear for years now, basically since the end of the USSR. What you hear in Western media is very one-sided anti-russian propaganda.
Just think for a moment if the sides were reversed and Putin had been approaching and encircling the US for years with NATO and weaponry and missilies etc ....
i recommend reading "the grand chessboard" by Zbigniew Brzesinski, former national security advisor to Obama and others, he outlines it quite nicely how America want to keep hegemony and remain the sole superpower in Eurasia and therefore necessary to contain, especially Russia.
He also mentions how important it is to keep Russia and Germany apart (which is what we seeing now, Germany being a very true vassal to the US since we are still an occupied country - the Russians left long ago but American bases still remain and Ramstein has been a focal point in the US's illegal murderous drone war program )
He mentions Ukraine explicitley as an important part of the chessboard, which is why the Americans have been instrumental in the Maidan and subsequent "putsch" in Ukraine in 2014 and installing a nationalist anti-russian government, some would say right wing, just check out the Azov batallion
The eastern republics of Ukraine, being naturally more close to Russia did not accept that government and separated into the Donetzk and Lugansk etc
What is never mentioned in Western media is that Kiew has been attacking and shelling those Republics for years now, cutting them off of funds etc (more than 10 000 civilian deaths since 2014)
(a side note re Maidan, remember Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pye handing out sandwiches and cookies to protestors.... just imagine the Russian ambassador going to NY and giving the Wallstreet occupy movement food.... how would Americans react??)
It is also helpful to listen to Pt Putin in person, there are several interviews that American media has done with him, in English translation in the internet.
The Russians do not want war!!! they are still traumatized from the Great patriotic war, which they call world war II.
THere are different estimates but it is reckoned they lost between 15- 20 million russian lives during that war.
Pt Putin himself has lost family during the Leningrad siege (now St Petersburg)
But if you bully and corner a country long enough, surround it with foreign military, talk belligerently everywhere and accuse them of all kinds of things (like the "killer remark" Pt Biden had for Putin which is more than ironic bc I think it will be difficult to find a country which has killed more people in its various wars than the US) - what will happen?
it is like playground bullies cornering another. Eventually that one will lash out in self defense. Which is what we see happen here.
Sorry for being so long but I have researched a bit on the subject and I hold the Russian people dear and it just pains my heart to see them vilified so rabidly in Western media.
Peace to all sides!!!! I pray for them.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - tadeus - 02-27-2022

There is a bunch of informations that can help to understand what is happening: Wrote:The state of Ukraine does not exist: The Secretary General of the United Nations has declared that Ukraine has not applied for border registration since 1991, so the state of Ukraine does not exist ... And we do not know about it! UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has made an astonishing statement, the dissemination of which is prohibited in Ukrainian media and on the Internet. The conflict between the two countries was discussed at the meeting of the UN Security Council. The following conclusion was drawn from it: Ukraine has not registered its borders since 25.12.1991. The UN has not registered Ukraine's borders as a sovereign state. Therefore, it can be assumed that Russia does not commit any violations of the law in relation to Ukraine. According to the CIS treaty, the territory of Ukraine is an administrative district of the USSR. Therefore, no one can be accused of separatism and forcibly changing the borders of Ukraine. According to international law, the country simply does not have officially recognized borders. To solve this problem, Ukraine must complete the demarcation of borders with neighboring countries and obtain the consent of neighboring countries, including Russia, to their common border. It must document everything and sign treaties with all neighboring countries. The European Union has pledged its support to Ukraine on this important issue and has decided to provide all technical assistance. But will Russia sign a border treaty with Ukraine? No, of course not.

Since Russia is the legal successor of the USSR (this is confirmed by the decisions of international courts on property disputes between the former USSR and foreign countries), the lands on which Ukraine, Belarus and Novorossiya are located belong to Russia, and no one has the right to dispose of this territory without Russia's consent. Basically, all Russia has to do now is to declare that this territory is Russian and that everything that happens in this territory is an internal affair of Russia. Any interference will be seen as an action against Russia. On this basis, they can cancel the May 25, 2014 elections and do what the people want! According to the Budapest Memorandum and other agreements, Ukraine has no borders. The state of Ukraine does not exist (and has never existed!). (Alexander Panin)

Translated with (free version)

Quote:For those who ask, "Why does Ukraine matter? "
Here's why Ukraine matters.
It is the second largest country in Europe by land area and has a population
of over 40 million - more than Poland.
Ukraine ranks:
First in Europe in proven recoverable uranium ore reserves;
2nd in Europe and 10th in the world in titanium ore reserves;
2nd in the world in explored manganese ore reserves (2.3 billion tons or 12% of world reserves);
2nd in the world in iron ore reserves (30 billion tons);
2nd place in Europe in mercury ore reserves;
3rd in Europe (13th in the world) in shale gas reserves (22 trillion cubic meters).
4th in the world in total value of natural resources;
7th in the world in coal reserves (33.9 billion tons).
Ukraine is an important agricultural country:
First in Europe in terms of arable land;
3rd place in the world by the area of black earth (25% of the world volume);
1st place in the world in exports of sunflower and sunflower oil;
2nd place in the world in barley production and 4th place in barley exports;
3rd largest producer and 4th largest exporter of corn in the world;
4.largest potato producer in the world;
5th largest rye producer in the world;
5th in the world in bee production (75,000 tons);
8th in the world in wheat exports;
9th in the world in chicken egg production;
16th place in the world in cheese exports.
Ukraine can meet the food needs of 600 million people.
Ukraine is an important industrial country:
First in Europe in ammonia production;
2nd in Europe and the fourth largest natural gas pipeline system in the world;
3rd in Europe and 8th in the world in terms of installed capacity of nuclear power plants;
3rd in Europe and 11th in the world in terms of rail network length (21,700 km);
3rd in the world (after the USA and France) in the production of tracking devices and tracking equipment;
3.largest exporter of iron in the world
4.largest exporter of turbines for nuclear power plants in the world;'s largest manufacturer of rocket launchers;
4th place in the world in clay exports.
4th place in the world in titanium exports
8th place in the world in exports of ores and concentrates;
9th place in the world in exports of defense industry products;
10th largest steel producer in the world (32.4 million tons).
Ukraine is important. Therefore, its independence is important for the rest of the world. Wrote:US Bioweapons Laboratories in Ukraine

I have often reported that the U.S., more specifically, the Pentagon, operates several bioweapons labs in Ukraine. The last time I reported on this was on January 27. The U.S. has always refused international inspections of its labs, so no one knows what they are researching in these labs. But we can assume that Russian special forces will take a closer look at these labs in the coming days.

Translated with (free version)

Here are the archived documents:

More articles:

Some more possible inofficial reasons: Wrote:It is about the Soviet stargates
For centuries the USA had no chance to access them.
With decades of strategy they are only few steps away from it!
How perfidiously this strategy is sold to us little people as EURO-Maidan. Cleverly.
However, an access will never be allowed. This was demonstrated impressively by Russia.
Before this could happen Russia would act with all means.
Germany and France have long since made internal arrangements, invisible to the public, not to allow themselves to continue to be abused for US interests.
There are strong cells here that effectively counteract an escalation.
The peoples can no longer be brainwashed into turning on each other.
What has happened for millennia and worked perfectly well is now coming to an end.
In times when an alien invasion is to be made palatable to the people, it is necessary to control the stargates so that the script can continue to be written. It seems most major conflicts have this background.
In Ukraine, more precisely in 2 areas, namely in Luhansk and Crimea, there are several pyramid complexes, some of which are embedded in the earth and some of which protrude above the surface of the earth.

Egyptologists see a connection from the Luhansk pyramid to the Egyptian ones in relation to the sun god Ra.
Ra is particularly frequent in Slavic and among all solar peoples. (the Ra of the Aesir, or Rasputin).
It is not by chance that the Crimea and Luhansk, where the pyramids are located, are in great demand by the various factions.

This pyramids will be an interesting question to the Q'uo. Wink

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - Margan - 02-27-2022

Your fellow Brit Russell Brand, dear Wanderer91 Smile
I like him, he usually has a good grasp and background info in his not overly long vids (in this video Putin isn't spared either, which is a bit hard for me to swallow as a Putin groupie lol ) but he tries to show both sides and also mentions how mainstream media is paid by corporate interests who benefit largely from wars.
"untold history of the US" by Oliver Stone might be a good recommendation to watch for anyone who has netflix

Edit: sorry, I just posted some information in this and the other post, I realize wanderer your intention in setting this thread was more to send love and thus help and not get bogged down by the mundane stuff....
please accept this sad puppy face as a token of my sincerity Sad

as I said I also hope for peace and try to focus on the spiritual. Peace and love to all!

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - Patrick - 02-27-2022

There is no doubt that "we" (the west) are very hypocritical. Yet I cannot sanction attacks of any kind. This includes all the hypocritical ones "we" have done all over the world.

This is all just a game for the big players.

My thoughts are going to the people caught in the middle of the playing field.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - aWanderer91 - 02-27-2022

Bless you Margan Smile

What you posted is absolutely fine, it contained a lot of good information that I feel many here would like to hear.

I don't buy into the west's story about Putin and Russia regardless and I have watched the interviews with American reporters that you mention.

America/NATO have been surrounding Russia for many years and Putin has mentioned multiple times that he can't get a straight answer from them in terms of what their objectives are. Basically they (NATO) claim their bases are for defense but Putin says their actions in terms of surrounding them and wanting neighboring countries to join NATO speak louder than words.

I hate to use this word in regards to war but I can't help but feel this was "inevitable" once the Biden administration got in, their thirst for war and havoc was quite clear from the start. And yes, Russel Brand speaks a lot of truth, I watch him regularly. He needs to be forgiven (for going at Putin) and if at other times he seems to say things that go against the truth, he's very clever and awake and he knows what the truth is. But he's closely monitored by the powers that be and I feel he treads the line really well.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - IndigoSalvia - 02-27-2022

I accept that I do not know all of the machinations and movements of those who are seemingly in power, and making decisions. And, there are times when I seek a greater understanding of the 3D dynamics. 

Ironically, the more I learn of the specifics of various 3D actors (be they nations, organizations or individuals), the less I am able to spiritually connect. Sometimes, I consciously choose to not seek more information about 3D movements. I prefer to sit at a distance, so to speak. It's a place of unknowing, in terms of 3D. 

From here, I can better hold more in my heart. In other words, I can be a more 'spiritual' creature when I know 'less' of the 3D stuff.

My approach seems backwards to me, but it works well for me. Otherwise, I seem to get caught up in the 3D maelstrom, and lose my 'spiritual' way. When I focus on the 3D dynamics, I get pulled into who did this or that to whom, what precipitated or instigated that, and find myself tracing steps (actions and responses to those actions) ever backwards. And, even then, there is much I accept that is not made available to us. 

For me personally, I can hold many more of the players in my heart with love when I stay at somewhat of a distance from the fray. From this place of unknowing, I can better see each as a being, like me, who loves and fears. A being - like me - who is part of the One/Infinite.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - flofrog - 02-27-2022

Agree IndigoSalvia, Wink

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - aWanderer91 - 02-27-2022

I think this is very well put IndigoSalvia, and I believe you speak for a lot of wanderers in this regard. To keep distance and not allowing yourself to get sucked in is a service, from what you've said. You help more by keeping your distance with an open heart than being involved with a crushed heart Smile

Personally, I don't like to keep tabs and get involved overly much as too much attention to seemingly negative events/conspiracies only fuels them. But I do like to watch with awareness as I believe the love and light of my awareness helps to dismantle "the game board" so to speak. Since my awakening, awareness is now activated inside of me and if God/the creator is watching through my eyes then what is not true and meant to be will surely dismantle. Awareness is incredibly powerful, after all.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - Margan - 02-27-2022

I see what you mean Indigo and Wanderer - I sometimes wish I had not researched so much about those power play dynamics back in 2014/15 when the Ukraine crisis started. But it is difficult to "unknow" some things and especially since I come from a country, Germany that has already attacked Russia back in the 1940s and they always keep rubbing us in about nazism etc. and we should have done something and we are all guilty as some kind of "original sin" weighing on our national character etc etc
And now to see similar things happen and those propagandistic tools seem to work as well as back then for the majority of our populace here and still the US/UK/EU depict themselves as the "good ones" and Russia as the scapegoat and utterly evil  - I still find it hard to cope with all those lies.
I wonder, are other planets similarly distorted and under a veil as this one?
And maybe it is a bit too much atm, what with corona still not being history and them starting a war - it is like 3D reality gets more and more cruel and distorted as we speak. I guess that is the challenge, not to be sucked in too much and I fail at that too often.
The only way out is the spirituality to disentangle ....
Edit: I was thinking of what Patrick said about "forgiving the Elites", I guess that is what I have to do in order to get free of that whole good vs evil scenario...
and this q'uote from another thread (thank you Vestige) is quite awesome, substitute middle east for ukraine
July 31, 2007


The governments of your people, however, are not at all focused on peace, contentment or compassion. Those in political power have become able to hold the positions which they hold because they have laid aside what they consider to be naïve and overly innocent hopes. They have accepted that they cannot be men of complete integrity, in the usual sense, if they wish to serve the state. The organization and arrangement of power is specifically and universally service-to-self upon your planet.

There are those entities who, vibrating in green ray and blue ray, attempt most sincerely to change the atmosphere in which business is conducted at the level of nation-states. However, these entities are either weeded out completely by their inability to accept a system which is corrupt and to work within that, or they become useless in terms of making a change from within governmental systems because they have become used to the perquisites of power and have begun to think in a service-to-self way, while rationalizing to themselves that all that they do is for the greater good. They become more and more separated from any stream of pure metaphysical integrity by their own choices until they can no longer remember what it feels like to make a purely positive response to challenging catalyst.

Indeed, my brother, the entities who are in power among your nation-states are focused upon those goals that have been the habitual goals of people in power upon your planet for millennia. Those goals are the goals of your great ape ancestors. They revolve around a love of their family and their tribe. When they have defined their tribe, then they attempt to defend their tribe’s property and acreage and to gather resources so that their tribe may fare well in a world of diminishing resources. They have been in power before, perhaps many times, and have developed the habit of an unceasing thirst for power. And this they shall not yield in order to make room for service-to-others goals such as true liberty, true equality, true justice, and a truly equitable distribution of the resources of your planet.

We ask that you not be overly concerned with the state of the outer workings of your planet. We ask that your concern be to pray that these leaders may be forgiven, for they do not know what they are doing. They will come to dust, as all dragons must. Even now, they are dying. The energy of the old world is weakening and its hold upon the hearts and the minds of ordinary people, such as are gathered in this circle of seeking, is lessening every day.

Nothing is as it seems when looked at from a metaphysical point of view. Therefore, when thinking of the Middle East and its issues, may your concern be to affirm and confirm that there is peace, love and compassion that is stronger than the dragon which is thrashing its tail at this time. For dragons shall die. But those values of love, unity, hope, faith and joy shall live forever. As you affirm and confirm these values in yourself, you are creating the basis for that which is to come. And in so doing, you are also creating for yourself the ability to live through the shift into fourth density that is upon you at this time.

As you look at the Middle East, know that all is well. And if you wish to explore the details of the politics of violence and aggression that make the front pages red with blood, do this studying and this research not to despair but to know ever more clearly the nature of the world that you came to incarnation to love.

And my brother, we ask that you allow no judgment to enter into this love. Praise and bless those who seem to be persecuting and hurting the common man and woman in these difficult and challenging times that you now experience. Let your mind and your heart rest in peace. The outer world shall not hear you, but all of those in the unseen realms who vibrate in unconditional love do hear you and are called to your prayers to amplify them and to strengthen them. You are doing the good work of compassion and love as you offer these simple prayers and visualizations in order to maximize your ability to serve in this way.

We recommend that, as this group does, you set aside time each day, if only just a moment, to visualize peace, harmony and understanding, not only in the Middle East but in all portions of your far-flung globe. We assure you that you are having a wonderful affect on the inner planes. Allow the rest to fall away, for empires rise and fall. The spiritual evolution moves along without regard to the illusion created by power and breath."

power and breath? lol
i guess it should say "power and wealth"

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - aWanderer91 - 02-27-2022

I believe the whole of our galaxy operates with a veil, in terms of 3rd density that is (according to Ra and those of Q'uo). But it's hard to believe that most 3rd densities are as distorted and as influenced by the dark forces such as ours. I have been pondering this lately. Our planet is extremely hard, and not only do we operate under a veil but the powers that be have placed what seems to be a ceiling above us.

We can take a lot from the fact that 4th density has been chosen by Gaia and we know their games and running a mock is up, but it's still tough in the meantime.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - Margan - 02-27-2022

My friend was at a "time travel" seminar and the guy said "the earth is a closed system", but that the matrix was getting more and more cracks, which is why the number of people seeing thru it is increasing.
I have been listening to some of the hollow earth contactees, it is so fascinating to me ever since I heard about Admiral Byrd's flight to the antarctic and apparently the info the inner earthers gave is that Earth has been the playground for negative aliens a long time ago, hence the control mechanisms and many "obligations" humans are under, just for the sake of living their lives here. Those who now live inside the earth were also on the surface but decided to move inwards when they realized what those negative aliens were doing on the outside. Before that, there was a war which is apparently described in the Mahabaratha as "brother war" between those on the surface and those who decided to go inwards, who are part reptilian (which is what we describe as "neanderthal" and what are not at all primitive beings) and other humans (the negative reptilians apparently live in caves but not inside the hollow earth)
The way inner earth beings and their lives are being described sounded a lot like the 4D + :
no money (people produce what they love doing, like for example someone likes knitting pullovers, if they have extra pullovers they bring them to a local community house and leave them there for others to use, same with growing foods and other things)
no schools as places of indoctrination as we have, but rather letting kids pursue their own interests
no big cities but small villages
almost no technology - the inner earthers say the more technology, the stupider people get - which can be noticed also with the increase in digitalization in schools, boosted by the pandemic - there have even been studies that showed that the more kids use digital technology, the less intelligent they became... they also say that for example using a telephone inhibits our inherent telepathic abilities
free energy, anti gravity devices - apparently they contacted our governments about this but politicians were not interested in free energy technology cuz no money could be made off it (and I add, the big players in the energy market are greasing their pockets so they know if they would advance that, the political career would of course be over)
lot of focus on arts, singing, weaving, drawing, creativity. laughing, celebrating together
no illness (they usually notice long before an illness would manifest, due to them having good grasp of energies - they have some kind of "tube" where one can enter and that balances the energy system)
people living a lot longer that us on the surface, they say the negative aliens and the agenda implemented by them had as a consequence that people age and die earlier than before
they do not exploit the earth like we do but only take what the earth gives to them....they would never drill for oil or diamonds since those intrusive actions hurt Gaia
they are vegetarians - they do have animals though and if those give milk they might take a bit of that milk and use it
I am sure there was more but that was the main points that caught my attention

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - Patrick - 02-27-2022

(02-27-2022, 03:26 PM)Margan Wrote: My friend was at a "time travel" seminar and the guy said "the earth is a closed system", but that the matrix was getting more and more cracks, which is why the number of people seeing thru it is increasing...

Yes we are under quarantine. This is anomalous. And of course with 4d instreaming the quarantine is very slowly being lessen and so people can more easily get contact with the "outside" in all kinds of ways.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - jafar - 02-27-2022

I think Ukraine is not the focus of the crisis, the crisis is in Russia, specifically Kremlin.
Focusing on Ukraine is like focusing on the victim of the bully and missed the root cause which is the bully himself.

Putin and his comrade is not only bullying Ukraine, they're also bullying Russia.
In a striking STS manner, they employ FEAR in an effort to obtain control over anything.
The 'classic' if you don't do what I say or agree on what I've instructed you then you will be severely punished!
Look how they kidnapped, tortured and murdered any dissents coming from Russian citizens.

As such the threat is spread not only to Ukraine but also to Russian's citizens and especially Russian's soldiers.
No sanely minded Russian will ever want a war with Ukrainians.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - IndigoSalvia - 02-28-2022

I did a brief review of Russia in the sessions, and in general, bellicosity as 4D energies flow into the Earth. As harvest and the close of the 3D chapter nears, it seems that some will take this time to polarize further in their chosen direction: both STO and STS.

For me, these global catalyst are provocative in the sense of: who am I? what, indeed, do I choose? Prompting me to bring more and more consciousness to my choices. What I seek, what I choose to look for, there it is.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - Patrick - 02-28-2022

Some finds it disturbing if you choose/try to remain unshaken. Not sure it's doable anyway, but the attempt seems to upset people with comments like: "But this could result in a nuclear war!"... Certainly, but freaking out won't help in the least. IF it happens, it happens and we'll help everyone cope with it as best as possible.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - flofrog - 02-28-2022

I agree with Jafar. The focus is on Russia. How more freedom might become accessible to all.
I was having lunch yesterday with an old friend who was a french journalist and was often in Russia in the seventies. She hopes too the situation will change for any Russian, but at the same time, at the time she was there, she was so struck by the level of education in arts and science, languages, accessible to everyone at the time. She loves the Russian spirit.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - jafar - 03-01-2022

Margan Wrote:it is like playground bullies cornering another. Eventually that one will lash out in self defense. Which is what we see happen here

Using 'playground bullies' metaphor then it will be something like this:

Both Sam and Dimitry is basically a bully.
Sam created a group with Jacques, Adolf, Arthur with main purposes to alienate Dimitry and his friends; Jan, Radu, Matis and Bogdan.

There's a conflict within Dimitry group of friends.
One by one, Jan, Radu, Matis left Dimitry and no longer willing to play with him.
Dimitry grew bitter and he start to issue threat to those who refused to play with him.
Jan, Radu, Matis grew wary of Dimitry's threat.

To protect themselves from Dimitry they seek protection from a bigger bully, Sam who has agree to protect them from Dimitry.
Dimitry can't do anything as he's afraid of Sam.
Bogdan then heard of about Dimitry's threat to Jan, Radu and Matis.
And starting to grew wary as well.

Following the footsteps of Jan, Radu and Matis;
Bogdan then try to approach Sam, seeking his protection from angry and bitter Dimitry.

But alas Sam refused Bogdan's request.
And more alas, Dimitry heard about it.
Dimitry is afraid of Sam as he's a bigger bully, but he's keen to deliver a bitter punishment to Bogdan.
Before Sam change his mind.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - LeiwoUnion - 03-01-2022

It is quite a paradox that this whole issue is extremely complicated, but at the same time from a spiritual perspective magnificently simple. I asked a tree in my backyard what it thought about all this but was left hanging with quiet indifference. However, I'm sure I was able to spot the beginnings of leaf buds on its branches. Life continues to be an excercise for the Body, and the Mind, and the Spirit, even if the maelstrom splashes a bit onto our porch, and perhaps even through the cracks on the walls and windows.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - IndigoSalvia - 03-01-2022

(03-01-2022, 07:37 AM)LeiwoUnion Wrote: I asked a tree in my backyard what it thought about all this but was left hanging with quiet indifference. However, I'm sure I was able to spot the beginnings of leaf buds on its branches.

Love this. When I walk among trees, I touch their bark and smile. They see much and are ever-patient. 

In quiet moments, yesterday, I envisioned people gathered in bunkers, and also those in warm, big houses. Many have hearts heavy with concerns. I talked with them in my heart and loved them, whatever their particular circumstances. I imagined the snow falling quietly, the trees standing and watching, the critters moving about.

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - Margan - 03-01-2022

Slightly off topic but the other day I even saw a little girl leaning on a tree and tentatively hugging it ... it warmed my heart.
Have you ever said "hi " to a tree (either spoken or mentally)....
they wave their branches back at you. So lovely!

RE: The current Ukraine crisis... - tadeus - 03-04-2022

Some more actual informations:

Ukrainian delegation arrives for talks with Russia in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Buried Ukraine space ark in Kherson activates so Russia takes over

Quote:Kherson is strategically important to the Russian military as it contains a fresh-water canal to the nearby Crimean peninsula, which is the only warm water port of the Russian Navy. Russia’s capture of Kherson is vital for ensuring the long-term viability of its Crimean facilities, but also fulfills a new strategic imperative – to gain access to and control the alleged space ark.

I was first told about the Ukraine space ark by my long-time source JP who currently serves in the US Army and has been on covert missions to two other space arks. One mission was to the Moon, and two others have been to the Bermuda Triangle area of the Atlantic Ocean. All three missions were jointly conducted by the US and China, and the second Atlantic Ocean mission included Russia, which had found its own ark but was not giving the US access.

On February 11, JP gave me coordinates (46°35’19″N 33°03’01″E) to a space ark he was told exists in Ukraine. The coordinates are for the Oleshky Sands, which is the only natural sand desert in Ukraine and has long been a tourist attraction. The origins of the sandy desert have puzzled geologists, and there has been speculation that it is a result of historical overgrazing by sheep.
JP later described what he was told about the Ukrainian space ark in briefings and by others participating in the covert missions to ancient arks being found all over our solar system and on Earth. On February 24, he left me the following voice message describing his new intel about space arks being found in Russia and Ukraine:

Remember I was telling you about the ark? There was Russians surrounding the ship that we were on [in the Atlantic Ocean]. They really wanted information. That’s why they went down to the [Atlantic] ark with us. We gave them the opportunity to come down. We didn’t have no problem, you know, bringing the Russians in and sharing information; because, we know that this was huge, worldwide, huge, you know this is humongous.
So all the world leaders need to know about this. But they did not keep their side of the promise right now, taking us to their ark, but now with this happening in Ukraine —that ark that is over there, I guess they want that information for them. We were about to go to that ark.
Don’t be surprised if it starts activation, Oleshky desert national park, and probably gets to be one of the first ships to go up in the air. Everybody sees. Now that the nations in the world [attention] is … on Ukraine, this is probably going to be one the first ones that’s going to go up, and everybody is going to see it. Everything is going to come to a halt. Everybody is going to be shocked because of this