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We Are Seekers (Part 6) - - 02-26-2022

Free Will Escape Moment

This section is my offering, for you to express your free will.  We are NOT going to delve into coping mechanisms or how to play the “mind/body satisfaction game” better or with more intensity.  There are hundreds of books and videos out there that will help you “dig that hole deeper”.  We will begin to discussions the realm of the spirit.

Right now your free will choices are basically two: 1) stop reading because you are no longer a seeker on the spiritual path, 2) continue reading because you know that you can “take what resonates for you and leave the rest”.  The choice is yours.  There is no requirement to go any further.  All that is needed to move on, is the inner trust that you can experience the content and release that which doesn’t work for you (at this time).  I truly pray that if there is something you need to let pass (doesn’t resonate) it can be done in a way that allows you joy and comfort in the total experience of this seeking.

M/B/S Complex – First Walk on the Path of the Spirit

For many of us, the first walk down the spiritual path was an awareness that someone brought our physical vehicle to church or synagogue (or other religious gatherings).  As is our nature, the mind came along for the ride and we heard certain things.  Depending on your household, we may even see people doing some of these things we heard about during our visit to the spiritual building.  Sometimes this pattern is repeated weekly making it hard to forget.

With those experiences tucked away in our conscious mind, we achieve an age where we start to question why.  Why listen to this stuff? Why do some of this stuff?  What is in it for me?

Depending on the explanations received, we may think that it seems reasonable to forego certain things, because the explanations tie to a good answer about, “What’s in it for me”?  We may spend a few years or even a lifetime in this spot, typically because of fear generated in the explanations (hell, inferno, sin, etc.).  This is not a spiritual awakening of the spirit within the M/B/S complex which you truly are.  The mind/ body illusion is still intact, we have just taken out a little insurance in case there is more to this game of life and death.

(to be continued - NEXT: The Atheist and The Agnostic)