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Main Topic Deleted - Quincunx - 02-27-2022


RE: Deja Vu Theory - Vestige - 02-28-2022

Quote:There are times, however, as the rhythms of your being change frequency, that you may become aware of a possibility which does exist for what you would describe as a future occurrence. This is one of many possibilities. Each entity does have such insights, shall we say, whether they be dreams during sleep, daydreams in waking consciousness, or random thoughts floating through the mind. Most do not occur, for they are possibilities which were not taken, roads which were not traveled.

I wonder if déjà vu errs more on the side of 'interesting coincidence,' an artifact of the interaction between the Veil of third density and the true simultaneity of the entire creation... or if déjà vu has a specific and intended function related to Latwii's comment that most instances of déjà vu are representative of "roads which were not traveled."  All of my feelings of déjà vu have either been completely innocuous--feeling that I have stepped on the sidewalk in this exact way before, for example--or have been attached to circumstances which never evolved further than a brief meeting or, at most, a day's experience.  Had these been paths which were very unfit for my journey back to the Creator--something 'remembered' by my seventh-density totality, yet not my sixth-density higher self?  ...

RE: Deja Vu Theory - flofrog - 02-28-2022

This is such a funny point, the duplicate, Quincunx on the precise subject of Deja Vu...

When I was 22 I wrote a small novel about a temporary love story between an older writer in his sixties, who had been a pilot during WWII and a young widow of thirty years old. The novel was really an assembly of memories about a lake in the alps where I used to go for holidays as a child.
But eight years later, I lived for a year the exact story that I had written about, with a writer who had been a pilot. Two friends that I have and are writers told me their first novel exactly happened to them too...

And twelve years after this love story happened to me I had a reading to try helping one of my children and I was told by my spiritual guides that this love story, because despite the break up it ended in unconditional love, ithad closed the circle of past incarnations with that writer.

Talk about deja vu.... lol