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Fire - the greatest discovery by man - dreamoftheiris - 03-18-2022

The greatest discovery in the history of the world is arguably the harnessing of fire. It forms the basis for everything. Without our ability to control fire, nothing we value today could exist.

For early mankind, the darkness represented a time of great unknown dangers.  To them, the sun setting represented its descent into darkness only to rise again triumphantly.  The sun had to descend and make its way through the darkness.  It became a hero each day when it broke free from the dark's powerful hold and illuminated new possibilities each morning when it rose.

Each day told this same story.  The sun rising from the abyss, breaking the hold of the darkness which seemed to overtake it, rising high in the sky, illuminating the potential, only to descend again to face its own darkness.  It is the story we all express in our lives, for like the Sun, we all must bravely face our own personal darkness and rise again, triumphantly.   

The ancient hermetics believed that creation began when the Word called forth the Fire from the dark.  It was the friction of the Word moving through the dark that caused Fire to be born.

Darkness represents a time of great potential, unrealized.  And to realize the potential hidden in the dark is our work. 

The discovery of fire represented mankind discovering its true purpose.  As an instrument to realize the potential hidden within the All.

RE: Fire - the greatest discovery by man - Sacred Fool - 03-18-2022

It's interesting to note that some whale and dolphin species have developed advanced family groups to the point of having some degree of culture--probably far more sensitive than humans are aware. Ra says they are harvestable to 4D, as I recall. And yet, to my knowledge, they make no use of fire.

I disdain sushi and such stuff, myself, yet they seem to have no objection to eating their food raw. And I suppose they have accustomed themselves to the daily cycles of light and dark without much complaint.

But who's to say? Perhaps they would have become even more spiritually vibrant if they could light a fire now and then...if only just to hang out by and drink beer, you know?

RE: Fire - the greatest discovery by man - Patrick - 03-18-2022

They can't have beer! Never thought of that, but that must be unbearable. Smile

RE: Fire - the greatest discovery by man - flofrog - 03-19-2022

I can't remember who said they anchored light on Earth. Perhaps Ra...

They definitely are more aware than we are.

RE: Fire - the greatest discovery by man - MrWho - 03-19-2022

The winds and fire of spirit in man are very analogous to the discovery of fire. It has alchemical use in transforming not just the outside world but also our inner selves.

The use of fire can be traced more closely to the evolution of the opposable thumb. While I do not doubt the ability of third density beings more like Ra without opposable thumbs; to be able to orally pass on culture and understanding.

I mean to say, that we are given many more opportunities to not just harvest fourth density but also beyond. We are given immense resources toward wisdom and unity.

We are forming a society with gifted healers. Something I doubt dolphins could produce, in terms of a high level of detail for a tarot reading as example.

Indeed fire has been the greatest discovery for humanity. If we can be like the alchemist and transmute those elements abound around and within us; to the wind and fire of spirit which leads us towards destiny. Then we may experience creation in a way the infinite creator could never have predicted.