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unconditional love - IndigoSalvia - 03-21-2022

From the invitation (recommended read before posting on this sub-forum): How does love become universal and unconditional? 

I have been considering conditional/unconditional love off and on for a while. Mostly, I am increasingly aware of the conditions that I put on love, and see that separation -- the many illusions of separateness -- is at the root of my conditions. 

I have had few glimpses of what I believe may be unconditional love. Much more conditional love in my life. Those brief experiences of unconditional love feel dizzying and vibrating in my body, and blissful ... like wow, wish I could reside here for longer. 

I often wonder: how do I see more love between me and another? how do I loosen the illusory boundaries? Am I, as a 3D human, capable of truly, unconditional love? 

Opening up for any thoughts, meanderings on unconditional love.

RE: unconditional love - aWanderer91 - 03-21-2022

One can only remove the obstacles and blockages that stop unconditional love from coming through.

These obstacles and blockages lie not only in the ray centers, but also in the mind and especially in the physical body. I believe this is where the confederations advice of silent meditation and surrendering to the moment becomes most fruitful, as our higher self and ourselves then can begin working together to remove whatever blockages are held.

Buddhists talk of becoming empty, and by doing this we don't become blank and dull, we allow the love of the infinite one to flow through us undistorted. The paradox is that by becoming empty, we essentially become full (of love) Smile

RE: unconditional love - MonadicSpectrum - 03-21-2022

The greatest training tool I've used for learning to love unconditionally and universally was A Course in Miracles. Its focus is on forgiveness which removes the blocks to the awareness of the presence of love. Here is a summary of the Course: 

Quote:Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

This is how A Course in Miracles begins. It makes a fundamental distinction between the real and the unreal; between knowledge and perception. Knowledge is truth, under one law, the law of love or God. Truth is unalterable, eternal and unambiguous. It can be unrecognized, but it cannot be changed. It applies to everything that God created, and only what He created is real. It is beyond learning because it is beyond time and process. It has no opposite; no beginning and no end. It merely is...

The summary continues at

It also not only has extensive text explaining the theoretical foundation for learning love but also a practical workbook for 365 days of training the mind to love:

Aaron Abke also has some excellent videos tying together ACIM and the Law of One:

RE: unconditional love - MrWho - 04-03-2022

Love, like free will. Is a fundamental aspect of creation.

It is possible to only love beings which love others unconditionally. While a paradox it can and does happen frequently.

The only difference between someone who loves unconditionally and another that shares no love, is choice.

Do you not love your freedom of choice? Why not then theirs? I'm being purely rhetorical. I'm not intent on swaying an other-self one way or another.

Love itself is something that just is. It is the center most density and energy center.

Love I believe will inevitably become conditional. Just as the negative path sees the inevitable dissolution of self due to spiritual entropy.

Love must find a condition that it finds suitable. Or else the possibility for our reality would simply not exist.

Love formed and was known all without condition. Yet that was not enough.

The illusion was born to satiate that need for condition.

It is similar to this quote.

Quote:Questioner: Would you correct me, please?

Ra: I am Ra. There were many experiments whereby various of the functions or distortions of the body complex were veiled and others not. A large number of these experiments resulted in nonviable body complexes or those only marginally viable. For instance, it is not a survival-oriented mechanism for the nerve receptors to blank out unconsciously any distortions towards pain.

The quote references physical pain. However I contend the holographic/fractal nature of reality is completely pervasive.

So in this instance one would use condition of their love to subvert spiritual pain so to say.

It is a survival mechanism.

Shelter the soul and make it feel protected. Then one can love unconditionally with ease.

RE: unconditional love - Awizeking - 05-13-2022

For me and through my experience and how I may come to know unconditional love is as such that my Ego is what mostly prevents this and naturally the duelistict nature of my mind creates barriers. To love unconditionally is to be life’s door matte which many would say that you would be misused and not appreciated or respected, being this door matte would require us to be very vulnerable and even seen as weak. Our ego would have no such things for it’s out of survival that it wants to protect us. And many would say that I won’t just give my love or attention to anyone or anything without that mutual ground and or respect. Also being hurt and the fear of losing me may hold us back. Then comes the nature of the mind that when we do there will be a reaction, to expect something in return. It’s one thing to say I dont expect anything in return but for most minds it’s only natural that something is expected what ever it may be. Yes you may physically choose otherwise which is still very important but before we even had a conscious chance conditions were put on your giving. Having our egos work for us instead of against us is a key element, and if we naturally want something in return let it be the progress of our own love to grow, that when we give love we want our own love to grow and perhaps others will see and emulate such as Jesus did. This unconditional Love is a long work in progress and as long as you want to be a vessel for it your on the right path.

RE: unconditional love - Spiritualchaos - 05-13-2022

❤️ My 2-year old is going through a lot of brain development right now, so I thought this would be a good metaphor to use.

Unconditional love to me is that as you would look at a child. In one moment, a child may be lost in emotion, crying, throwing a tantrum, going limp and refusing to move because he was denied something for their own good (like getting ahold of a pair of scissors), and the next moment, that same child is running to you with a smile on their face waiting to be embraced in your arms. It is in that child-like nature that we all can experience the beauty of unconditional, sacrificial love. No matter what, they continue to feel love for you, and you for them, no matter what occurs between you. There is no conditions to the love you feel for each other. You can tell them no 100 times, be frustrated that they will not listen, and completely forget the moment they are hurt, offering your love and support to them regardless of how they treated you. You have endless forgiveness and patience for them and their journey. This applies to entities at all stages of their journey in this incarnation, and the next. You are not being a doormat, you are offering your service to them. They are not being ungrateful, they are learning, growing, and understanding the rules and boundaries of their environment. Unconditional love is forgiveness ready and waiting for them, no matter what they do, no matter what occurs. It doesn’t mean that you let them run with scissors and risk cutting themselves, you tell them no and protect them from it, until they know better themselves. Unconditional love is sometimes being the one who loves you enough to offer you a new perspective when the one they are using is hurting them, even if it might make you a bad guy to them until they learn to love themselves and others more fully, and see this for themselves.

Forgiveness is the key to feeling unconditional love, as love is so easy to share when there is nothing holding you back from expressing that love. Holding on to pain is creating barriers from that love, that is the true nature of our beings.