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RE: Cube of Space - tadeus - 04-10-2022

(04-08-2022, 02:54 AM)Vasilisa Wrote: Quincunx, I look at this cube and realize that I don't understand anything) And I want to return to the study of Bahir, Zohar, Sefer Yetzira, since I missed these classes of study. And without the "foundation" of these classes, it seems to me, it is impossible to build a "building" ... (of course I may be wrong, but so far I feel so intuitively)

Yes - it is not possible to catch the basic sense of the cube.

Quincunx, some hints would be wonderful to understand why this cube is helpful.

RE: Cube of Space - Quincunx - 04-10-2022


RE: Cube of Space - Vasilisa - 04-10-2022

Personally, in my understanding, I resonate with this definition. "The Great Arcana can be comprehended from a variety of sides. It is an indisputable fact that this Teaching is an ideal philosophical machine. This system of Arcana constantly helps to navigate new issues, notice shortcomings, compare and evaluate, plan for the future course of your life and the course of your development."
I read the introductory material on the Cube of Space. Like it. I think I'll study it slowly.

RE: Cube of Space - Quincunx - 04-12-2022


RE: Cube of Space - Quincunx - 07-12-2022