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Wind & Fire (sess 6) - IndigoSalvia - 04-09-2022

I am re-reading the sessions. (Totally different experience than the first reading, now that I have a basic understanding of terminology and concepts.) 

In session 6, Ra continues the disciplines of the M, B & S, and refers to disciplines of the spirit being exercises of wind and fire. 

Anybody have any insights into how disciplines of the spirit involve wind and fire?

RE: Wind & Fire (sess 6) - Quincunx - 04-10-2022


RE: Wind & Fire (sess 6) - Dtris - 04-16-2022

To start you need to understand Wind and what it is, Fire and what it is, and Spirit.

The four classic elements of Alchemy are Earth, Water, Wind/Air, and Fire. Spirit is the Quintessence or Fifth Element.

Each of the elements can be seen as an expression of two polarities in combination. These polarities are Hot/Cold, and Wet/Dry.

Earth is Dry(Yang) & Cold(Yin).
Water is Wet(Yin) & Cold(Yin).
Air is Wet(Yin) and Hot(Yang).
Fire is Dry(Yang) and Hot(Yang).

I have added the eastern attribute of Yin and Yang as well since you can also view the elements as being comprised of different types of energy in Yin and Yang combinations.

In one of the sessions Ra says that in the 1st Density the Earth and Water learn to be conscious or active thru the lessons of the Wind and Fire.

Spirit is the Quintessence, the Fifth Element. According to Ra it is the addition of Spirit to the Mind/Body Complex that separates 1st and 2nd density and 3rd density onwards. The words most cultures use for spirit is synonymous with Breath, or Life. In western Alchemy it is the elevation of Spirit as the ruler of the baser elements which is what allows for the transmutation of the elements and guides the creation of the Philosopher's Stone.

Wind and Fire share the trait of Yang or Hot energy, which is activity, liveliness, movement, spontaneity. The Spirit is what Quickens the body & mind, is what characterizes human and beyond consciousness. It is characteristic of activity, movement, and direction.

When Ra refers to the disciplines of Spirit being the exercises of Wind and Fire, I believe he is referring to the Spirit being that which directs or shapes the active/Yang/Hot characteristic of the elements which by its nature is that which invokes change in whatever is acts upon.