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sess 11 free time for spiritual growth - IndigoSalvia - 04-15-2022

Inspired by session 11:

Quote:Few there are working physically from daybreak to darkness, as you name them, upon your plane who can contemplate the Law of One in a conscious fashion.

Ra talks of free energy freeing up our time to do spiritual activities, instead of the daily grind (going to work, paying those bills). Even with ample free time, I would still need to prioritize spiritual pursuits; otherwise, I could easily fritter away free time.  Blush And, it seems that society places little to no value on spiritual pursuits, outside of organized religion. 

How does an ordinary person step back from the norm (the daily grind) to make more time for spiritual interests, and still have basic needs (shelter, food, etc.) met? By 'ordinary' I mean someone who is not living a monastic life, or in a spiritual commune, for example. 

Have any of you changed your lifestyle to allow for more time to spiritual studies, or stepped away from the daily grind a little or a lot?

RE: sess 11 free time for spiritual growth - Patrick - 04-15-2022

I think it begins with the intent. The person realizes that there is no point and asks the universe what the point is. Then opportunities will arise to make time for finding answers.

RE: sess 11 free time for spiritual growth - MrWho - 04-15-2022

Quote:Questioner: Has the vibration of the basic, of the photon, of all our particles increased in frequency already?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. It is this influence which has begun to cause thoughts to become things. As an example you may observe the thoughts of anger becoming those cells of the physical bodily complex going out of control to become what you call the cancer.

Quote:Questioner: What is the greatest service that our population on this planet could perform individually?

Ra: I am Ra. There is but one service. The Law is One. The offering of self to Creator is the greatest service, the unity, the fountainhead. The entity who seeks the One Creator is with infinite intelligence. From this seeking, from this offering, a great multiplicity of opportunities will evolve depending upon the mind/body/spirit complexes’ distortions with regard to the various illusory aspects or energy centers of the various complexes of your illusion.

Thus, some become healers, some workers, some teachers, and so forth.

I went from working 40 hours a week to having to not work at all. I spend a lot of time meditating and expressing appreciation. It's awesome.

Combining these two you can offer yourself to become whatever you desire, for are you not all things? Think on the goal and the path will become clear.

Infinite love/light light/love

RE: sess 11 free time for spiritual growth - Quincunx - 04-16-2022


RE: sess 11 free time for spiritual growth - anicolai - 04-16-2022

I am a very active artist and find that the type of work I do fosters deep thought and spiritual study through listening to lectures/podcasts. When I get into "the zone", I really release myself from stresses of the daily grind. My day job pays enough to so I can make art that is not intended to be monetized, and that helps even more.

RE: sess 11 free time for spiritual growth - J.W. - 05-07-2022

I can offer and share two methods!

Just for context,
my occupation was very time consuming and required a lot of mental focuses, as it involves the well being and safety of other-selves. So naturally I feel burned out from time to time, coupled with the attacks that myself and my peers would receive from people that does not understand the privileges they have in a developed country, or how much sacrifices and efforts that are required to uphold individual freedom.

That being said, there were "mindfulness" and "meditative" classes that were introduced to us from HR. They were helpful, but it all came down to breath work.

A metaphor that one of the instructor gave us and stuck with me, was that he said "The difference between you and your target is that one is a voluntary dead man, the other isn't."

I didn't understand this until he showed us the "box breathing" technique, 5 seconds inhale, hold for 5 seconds, exhale slowly for 5, hold again for 5, rinse, repeat. Do this 3 - 5 times, and you will enters a state of stillness, your heart rate slows down and everything stabilizes. You slow your heart down enough to the point you are basically... "dead"

Eons later, I used this method to enter the "zone" and as my spirituality grows and grows, I realized that this WAS "spiritual activities"

You see, you don't really have to "make time" for spiritual activities, maybe at the beginning, when you are learning to "notices" "it."

But when you do, it is literally Everywhere, and you cannot stop it as much as you can't stop your own breathing or time itself.

Try it out, be mindful of your breathing, work with it and be in control. (btw, you don't have to do 5,5,5,5, if you find it difficult, Some people do 5,3,5,3 etc. etc. It is the "stillness" and "peace" that you can freely access and allow your soul to experience your journey consciously is what matters.)

The other method is quite simple, carry in your pocket a leaf, a flower, or anything that slowly withers away. Take it out, observe it from time to time, and witness the beauty of creation doing it's things, the cycle, the passing of life, know that you are no different.

Let it be a reminder of how grateful you are, to have the opportunity to experience this beautiful process, feeeeel everything, take everything in, and let go at the end. Appreciate every moments, and be ready to let go when it's time. Be in the dance with the infinite creator.

Breathe, carry a leaf, and if people thinks you are weird, just say "namaste" and be on your way lol

RE: sess 11 free time for spiritual growth - aWanderer91 - 05-07-2022

Spirituality is your life. You can't do anything but be on a spiritual pursuit 24/7, but I don't wish to be too simplistic with my answer.

Every moment of everyday is a chance to become more mindful, more aware, every moment is a chance to dissolve the ego.

You'd be surprised how often your higher self is calling upon you to wake up using everyday mundane activities, such as a common job or basic interaction.

Setting time apart for deeper meditation or contemplation is great, and a truly commendable desire compared to most desires, but you shouldn't feel at a loss over the fact that you have to work etc. Your work could become your meditation if only you engaged in it deeper Smile