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The importance of balancing all chakra's simultaneously... - aWanderer91 - 05-04-2022

Hi all,

I would like to share a learning I have been going through not only recently, but for the past couple of years now.

Let's suppose you could look through your indigo ray and see the future, you may see danger ahead. Now one would normally quiver and withdraw from life immediately if they seen this, stopping the pre-determined lesson from happening. I'm not talking obvious danger that would be stupid not to avoid, but a difficult lesson as such.

Now the heart might say, "I need this lesson, it would help me to love so much more afterwards, by widening my perspective on what love really means"

Red ray might say "by going through this lesson, it would really help me to clear a blockage, all of my survival issues would be resolved and I know I would survive no matter what after this".

Blue ray might say "it would be wise not to avoid this, I need refining, I could communicate my thoughts and truth so much better if I had this lesson".

Indigo might respond "but that's a lot of danger, pain and suffering I see, but I guess you all have a point. I'm glad I could help"

Etc, etc, etc...

Ra says that rather than focusing on activating our chakra's to full capacity, that the harmony between all energy centre's once activated to the minimal degree is much more important. I wished to share here how important it is that we treat each energy centre equally, that one energy centre is no more important than the other and to add emphasis to Ra's words. All ray's have there place and they truly all communicate together..

Don't be disheartened if you feel you can't penetrate the higher energy centre's, know that you're doing just fine where you are at and that when the time comes to enter the higher energy centre's, it will be natural and you will know that it's happening rightly and spontaneously (just as you and your higher self planned).

RE: The importance of balancing all chakra's simultaneously... - flofrog - 05-04-2022

Lol, isn’t it annoying as how Ra always makes sense ? lol Wink

RE: The importance of balancing all chakra's simultaneously... - aWanderer91 - 05-04-2022

Oh just a little, or maybe a lot, perhaps lol.

I really love the importance they give to the ray's, they give so much information on something that is socially neglected in our culture on earth.

It seems no matter what they said, I still had to learn the hard way lol I guess I'm just human and learning.

RE: The importance of balancing all chakra's simultaneously... - Mettadohm - 05-10-2022

I'm interested in various techniques/methods for chakra balancing. I would delight in anyone's willingness to share what works for them, or doesn't work for them.

I'm relatively new to willfully balancing/manipulating my individual energy centers even though I've been aware of their existence for over a decade. My personal technique involves saying or thinking each center's sound (Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Om). I start with red ray energy, repeating "Lam, Lam, Lam, Lam" while envisioning a vibrant red hue just below the base of my spine/sacrum. There is vortex or wheel that faces perpendicular to the length of my spine and with every "Lam" it spins faster and faster. I envision the vortex reaching a speed that then becomes "locked in" or "crystallized" and the hue bursts with a sustained intensity at that moment. I repeat this for each chakra, the only difference being that there is no sound or thought for the crown chakra.

RE: The importance of balancing all chakra's simultaneously... - aWanderer91 - 05-10-2022

I believe there are two methods. The method you already use, using focus and sound to individually refine each chakra.

And the other method being to "just sit". This form of meditation allows all chakra's to be worked on simultaneously, attention shall go where it's needed if a chakra needs to be individually refined. But the most beneficial aspect of just sitting, is that it allows our higher self to assist us and where we could make the mistake of activating or working on a chakra too early, our higher self won't do this, it has the higher vantage point and will only begin helping to unblock/balance/activate a chakra when we're ready for it.

RE: The importance of balancing all chakra's simultaneously... - Spiritualchaos - 05-10-2022

Well I found that Aaron does an excellent job at explaining it. 

For me personally, I use an endless about of contemplation, reflection and meditation to balance my chakras. It becomes very obvious when something is out of alignment, because you get so used to being in that flow state, you notice immediately when something isn’t right. I usually can then do some reflection to find out why that particular issue might have causes a specific feeling to arise by looking at how it applies to my journey by knowing what specific areas I have had trouble with in the past, and it usually leads me to the right conclusion. Eventually you can do this work more and more easily, to the point where your indigo and crown chakras seem permanently turned on because the distortions in your lower chakras are next to none.

RE: The importance of balancing all chakra's simultaneously... - schubert - 05-20-2022

what if i put 99 points into the 3rd eye chakra, and become so enlightened that i don't need the other ones !! haha! Tongue