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How can you be me? - Patrick - 05-06-2022

How can you be me? The answer is time.

Quote:How can one universal subject be you, and I, and everybody else, at once? This is perhaps the most difficult aspect of analytic idealism to wrap one’s head around, for it implies that you are me, at the same time that you are yourself. How can this possibly be? After all, you can see the world through your eyes right now, but not through mine...

...The answer to how one universal subject can be many—to how you can be me, as you read these words—resides in a more sophisticated understanding of the nature of time and space, including the realization that, cognitively speaking, what applies to one ultimately applies to the other. As such, if you believe that you were your five-year-old self, then there is an important sense in which, by the same token, you must believe that you are me. There is only the universal subject, and it is you. When you talk to another person, that other person is just you, in a ‘parallel timeline’—which we call a different point in space—talking back to you across timelines. The problem is simply that ‘both of you’ have forgotten that each is the other, due to dissociative ‘cut and tie.’

RE: How can you be me? - Sacred Fool - 05-06-2022

Interesting website. Thanks for posting this.

RE: How can you be me? - Quincunx - 05-06-2022


RE: How can you be me? - jafar - 05-08-2022

The manner to wrap my tiny head around this is using the "Author of novel" metaphor.
The author of a novel is everyone (and everything) that exist in his/her novel.

Taking the example of JRR Tolkien who authored Lord Of The Rings series..

Once "Frodo" realized that he is actually "Tolkien playing the role of Frodo" he will also realized that he is actually also Sauron, Gandalf, Legolas, Boromir basically everyone and everything inside the Lord Of The Rings universe.
And he understand why his 'enemy', Sauron, must exist, as Sauron is also Frodo as both Sauron and Frodo is actually Tolkien.

Through this lenses thus Shakespeare who spent his lifetime writing fiction story and characters also said:
"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts".