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Main Topic Deleted - Quincunx - 05-07-2022


RE: Love One or Love All - aWanderer91 - 05-07-2022

I think it's absolutely fine, I accept that to love multiple people is not only entirely possible but also probably happens a lot in our current day and age.

To love multiple beings is as pure as loving one if you ask me. Ultimately, from the question you asked, all will be based on love and love will be the foundation.

How could one ever have a problem with something that would be natural? I think.

RE: Love One or Love All - aWanderer91 - 05-07-2022

Would you like to elaborate further? I'm a little confused at this point, but would like to hear more of your thoughts on this...

RE: Love One or Love All - Sacred Fool - 05-08-2022

(05-08-2022, 01:56 AM)Quincunx Wrote: Maybe, my failure to create a relationship in this incarnation was my catalyst to consider there is something better elsewhere.

Perhaps.  Or maybe you chose to be here to learn more deeply the lessons which are more easily worked out in a 3D environment?  It may be that your chosen task is to more deeply embrace your self in love and thereby be able to more deeply embrace others in love.  I grant you, this is far more easily said than done, but some of us respond to a challenge. 

Clearly, other self, your assignment is a challenge.

Love is around you and within you and is ready to move through you.  The energetic structuring of this self of yours either impedes or allows this.  The aliens say, Love is not a tool you can use, rather, Love uses you.  Therefore, it would seem, the task is to make yourself a "more better" instrument......of Divine Love.

RE: Love One or Love All - tadeus - 05-08-2022

(05-07-2022, 03:29 PM)Quincunx Wrote: From my perspective I see that women want to be singled out and given the full attention of one. I see they are open to forming relationships with all but when it comes to love, the majority of women want a monogamous relationship. They too have noticed other men but when in a relationship they continue to think of one true love.

What are your thoughts on moving beyond the concept of having more than one love?

Your observations can be confirmed.
From the logic side it is not relevant what a "man" thinks about it. Wink 

The main question are "what is love" and what are the reasons for an "monogamous relationship" ?

RE: Love One or Love All - Sacred Fool - 05-08-2022

(05-08-2022, 04:29 AM)tadeus Wrote: The main question are "what is love"...?

Just for fun, one could stand back from that question and give it a fresh looking over.  Isn't it like asking "what is breathing?" in the sense that the more vital query is, "are you breathing?"

So, are you loving?  Are you love?  The aliens say that you are love, could that be true?  If so, SHOW ME!  ha ha ha

RE: Love One or Love All - flofrog - 05-08-2022

Obviously each one of us entities have a different course. I do think, but, lol,  this is my personal feminine view for this incarnation,  that possibly being monogamous  might be  a simpler work for a woman than a man, and I can feel, lol, many women ready to fight me over that lol lol lol. BigSmile

Now I was just officiant for a weeding two week ends ago and it was quite extraordinary to participate in that.  I was only one of two officcaitns Thank God, lol.

But I did also say a few words to the young couple whom I have known for long and deeply care for.

So I made fun of both of them first pretending to describe them and in fact saying the absolute opposite of whom they were so everyone would roll in laughter but then I cited a passage from St Exupery from his book Citadel. Citadel is a sort of philosophical meditation of who would be  a desert Bedouin Chief about his people in the desert and how he sees life.  There is, among many others,  a passage on love, and this might talk about monogamous love, but as being projected the end of a long patient path to get there, lol

the beginning reflects a view of love from the feminine entity not being what in fact love is about, for St Exupery , then we get to what his final view is...

so here goes, 


Quote:From St Exupery :

You met along your life the one who thought of herself as an idol. What was she receiving from love ? Everything, unto your joy to see her again, becomes to her an hommage.
She is enriched, in her greed, of pointless captures, believing her joy will be found in this pile. But she only piles up ashes. For the real use of your gifts was path from one to the other and not capture.

How to build love which is face , read thought the threads, if  there are no threads on which to trace it ?

For there are no  cathedral without ceremonial of the stones.

But this one scorns the exchanges from which she would be born.

She believes that love is a gift she could enclose into herself. If you love her, it means she won you. She jails you inside believing  she enriches herself. But love is no treasure to seize but obligation on either sides. But the fruit of an accepted ceremonial.

Turn away from her.
Tell her :
“ I hastened towards you, with the joy to meet you.
But you were mistaken on my appeal, for you read in it my dependence : I was not dependent, I was generous.”

So it is of the empire, when a soldier owes it his life. It is not claim of the empire, but claim of God. He orders that man has a sense. And, the sense of that man is to be  soldier of the empire.

And so it is with the sentinels who owe me the honors.  I demand them, but retain nothing of them for myself.  Through me, sentinels have obligations. I am the knot of the duty of the sentinels.

And so with love.

But if I meet the one who blushes and who stammers, and who needs presents to learn to smile, for they are to her sea winds and not capture, then I shall make myself path which releases her.

I shall neither humiliate myself nor humiliate her in love. I shall be around her  like space and within her like time.  I shall tell her : ‘. Do not hasten to know me, there is nothing to capture. I am space and time where to become,’

If she needs me like the seed of the soil to make itself tree, I shall not stifle her with my self importance.

I shall neither honor her for herself.  I will scratch her harshly with the talons of love. My love to her will be eagle with powerful wings. And it’s not me she will discover, but through me, the valleys, the mountains, the stars, the gods.

It’s not about me. I am only the one who carries. It’s not about you : you are only path towards the meadows at sunrise.  It’s not about us : we are together passage for God who borrows for an instant our generation and uses it.

Curiously that chapter in Citadelle started by reflections on humility. How humility of the heart demands that you do not humiliate yourslelf, but open yourself to exchange.... Interesting chapter leading from humility to love in third density...

RE: Love One or Love All - Sacred Fool - 05-09-2022

Methinks your cockroaches are a smokescreen. What are you hiding, Quincunx, pray tell? From what are you hiding? Is your love really as cockroaches? Or is it simply something you, yourself, cannot bear to not face and accept? Or am I off base here?

RE: Love One or Love All - dave.matador - 05-09-2022

I apologize if my response is way over the mark
not sure how to delete posts

RE: Love One or Love All - flofrog - 05-09-2022

Welcome dave.matador to these forums, Wink
Your answer is so interesting and kind, I love it, even if it would be off the mark of what Quincunx was looking at

RE: Love One or Love All - dave.matador - 05-09-2022

It does not take much perception to realize what an amazing place I have stumbled into,
Many thanks Flofrog for the warmth.