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Change in the taste of music - Bosphorus1982 - 05-12-2022

Hi guys. I'd like share something interesting with ya. As of a few days ago, I've been in a different state of being. Until last week, I was filled with emotional blockages from life traumas and other things. However, a few days ago, when I was freed of a big blockage, I began to feel different. It's like I feel better and no longer able to listen to many genres of music like pop, rock, jazz and yes even classical. I can listen to only quality lounge and high frequency music. And same for the movies also. No longer enjoying any movie, except documentaries. Maybe it's that my consciousness level has shifted? Since in the Pleiadians book, it was saying "the more you develop, the less you will enjoy movies and music for entertainment". Yes. This is something I've been experiencing. Would like to know if you have experienced these. Thanks Smile

RE: Change in the taste of music - Aion - 05-12-2022

To be honest I have experienced the exact opposite, I have found myself opening to more musical and artistic experiences and enjoying a much wider spectrum than I used to. However, everyone is unique, so I am not sure it is indicative of anything in particular except that we are each evolving along our own personalized trajectory. You like what you like, in time this too may shift again. The only constant is change as the old sayin goes.

RE: Change in the taste of music - Quincunx - 05-12-2022


RE: Change in the taste of music - jafar - 05-15-2022

Quote:I got a haircut once and the young barber disliked the music and she said “why are they playing oldies”.
Yeah they should've played high quality music from the like of Justin Beiber.

Having said that I will still tip her anyway.
For reminding me how much time has passed in my lifetime.

Yes my musical and entertainment taste has shifted to over the years.
Now I couldn't enjoy Slayer, with exception of "Raining Blood" only because of it's unique riff and interlude groove.
Still able to enjoy Metallica, primarily due to it's riff and groove.
I find today's EDM music is too 'perfect' in terms of beat and groove, thanks to the computer technology, yet it ripped the 'human characteristic' out from it.
And I start to appreciate more oldies, more towards 50s and 60s tunes with it's inconsistent tempo and raw recording technology, thanks to EDM I have realized the beauty of 'human mistakes and recording imperfection'.

I too less enjoy "Fictional Movies" as life itself is actually a fictional movie and I'm playing in it posing as a 'character'.

RE: Change in the taste of music - Diana - 05-15-2022

I think music, which is sound, is extremely important to existence. It is a channel of experience that promotes many levels of enlightenment, about self, about the mystery of existence, about interactions with other entities, connections to the composers, and I could go on and on about what a gift music is.

The normal or average way to experience music might be that an individual likes a certain genre. Some people never veer from this idea. There isn't anything wrong with that, but music can be so much more. (Though that is not to say simple joy of it is not meaningful.)

Music can be such a great tool to open oneself up to. Whatever mood or need one has at any given moment can be enhanced and synergized with whatever music one is drawn to. It can be like a catalyst processor, reaching unconscious or forgotten places in the deep mind or more immediate catalyst in the conscious mind. 

Regarding movies, documentaries etc., I feel the same. Whatever you are drawn to at the time is what may help process catalyst or generate light on one's path (and again, just joy is meaningful).

All that said, I would add that silence is equally important.

RE: Change in the taste of music - kilaya - 06-10-2022

I have experienced the same. The desire to listen to recorded music and even watch my all-time favorite movies has just fallen away. In a way this feels strange, to have desires that were strong and long-standing just disappear without a trace. Gives me more time to meditate for sure.

Socrates actually taught in the 5th c BC Greece that all creative works have a very powerful impact on its listeners/watchers that is hard to perceive but is long lasting in its potential harm (& potential support as well) to the soul. He said that even very wise people enjoy many forms of entertainment (those of his day: poetry, song and theater principally) without realizing the negative impacts. For that reason he promoted censorship of all such works of art using the discrimination of spiritual masters.