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89.27 - ××× - 06-04-2022

89.27 QUESTIONER Were some of Ra’s population negatively harvested at the
end of Ra’s third density?
R A I am Ra. We had no negative harvest as such, although there had been
two entities which had harvested themselves during the third density in
the negative or service-to-self path. There were, however, those upon the
planetary surface during third density whose vibratory patterns were in
the negative range but were not harvestable.

Does anyone have a theory on the identities of the two entities who harvested themselves?

RE: 89.27 - Quincunx - 06-04-2022


RE: 89.27 - ××× - 06-05-2022

Simply because it is irrelevant to those of a 6D perspective, doesn't necessarily render the question pointless to those of us experiencing the forgetting/remembering process. It is a way of better understanding galactic history, which I find interesting and choose to explore.

It might not be mentioned in the Ra Material but I find it interesting to hypothesise about who the myths and other accounts might point toward.

I'm wondering if anyone else has contemplated this subject and would be interested on any ideas they might have.

For example: Could it be Yahweh?
Perhaps the Nibiru collective attempted the same thing on Venus?
Perhaps the Osiris/Isis collective originated there and then went to the super earth, before leaving on the moon to make their way here?
Perhaps it's the reason we forgot in the first place and would help fill in some blanks?

RE: 89.27 - Patrick - 06-05-2022

You are talking about the male and female STO wanderers (from early positive fifth density) who went to help Ra on Venus and ended up switching polarities for a while?

I think any positive entities who finds that too much love can be sickening is in "danger" of becoming negative. But that's perfectly fine if their core prefer that.

No idea who they were from though. Smile

Quote:89.33 Questioner: What was the origin of the two entities of which you speak?

Ra: I am Ra. These entities were Wanderers from early positive fifth density.

89.34 Questioner: And yet, though they had already evolved through a positive fourth density they, shall we say, flipped polarity in the reincarnating in third density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

89.35 Questioner: What was the catalyst for their change?

Ra: I am Ra. In our peoples there was what may be considered, from the viewpoint of wisdom, an overabundance of love. These entities looked at those still in darkness and saw that those of a neutral or somewhat negative viewpoint found such harmony, shall we say, sickening. The Wanderers felt that a more wisdom-oriented way of seeking love could be more appealing to those in darkness.

First one entity began its work. Quickly the second found the first. These entities had agreed to serve together and so they did, glorifying the One Creator, but not as they intended. About them were soon gathered those who found it easy to believe that a series of specific knowledges and wisdoms would advance one towards the Creator. The end of this was the graduation into fourth-density negative of the Wanderers, which had much power of personality, and some small deepening of the negatively polarized element of those not polarizing positively. There was no negative harvest as such.

89.36 Questioner: What was the reason for the wandering of these two Wanderers, and were they male and female?

Ra: I am Ra. All Wanderers come to be of assistance in serving the Creator, each in its own way. The Wanderers of which we have been speaking were indeed incarnated male and female as this is by far the most efficient system of partnership.

89.37 Questioner: As a wild guess, one of these entities wouldn’t be the one who has been our companion here for some time in our sessions, would it?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

89.38 Questioner: Then from what you say I am guessing that these Wanderers returned or wandered to Ra’s third density to possibly seed greater wisdom into what they saw as an overabundance of compassion in the Ra culture. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect in the sense that before incarnation it was the desire of the Wanderers only to aid in service to others. The query has correctness when seen from the viewpoint of the Wanderers within that incarnation.

89.39 Questioner: I just can’t understand why they would think that a planet that was doing as well as Ra was doing as far as I can tell would need Wanderers in order to help with a harvest. Was this at an early point in Ra’s third density?

Ra: I am Ra. It was in the second cycle of 25,000 years. We had a harvest of six out of thirty, to speak roughly, millions of mind/body/spirit complexes, less than 20%. Wanderers are always drawn to whatever percentage has not yet polarized, and come when there is a call. There was a call from those which were not positively polarized as such but which sought to be positively polarized and sought wisdom, feeling the compassion of other-selves upon Venus as complacent or pitying towards other-selves.

89.40 Questioner: What was the attitude of these two entities after they graduated into fourth-density negative and, the veil being removed, they realized that they had switched polarities?

Ra: I am Ra. They were disconcerted.

RE: 89.27 - Quincunx - 06-05-2022