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"We" instead of "I" - IndigoSalvia - 06-19-2022

I wonder what would happen if I substitute "we" each time I tried to say "I." 

Do any of you do this? (Or, do any of us do this already?) I'm going to have to retrain my current default setting.  BigSmile

If using the actual words out loud would be too distracting, could we hold "we" (instead of "I") in our hearts? 

"We" can have boundaries or no boundaries at all. 

What would happen to the difficulties we experience now if we substitute we/our for I/my?

RE: "We" instead of "I" - ada - 06-19-2022

I don't know if related but sometimes when thinking to myself I think in "we", as if the family/guides/creator is being experienced through me.

Also I feel that when discussing with another, I am not them and do not have their experience and perspective. So I can only speak from my own experience out of respect and kindness.

Perhaps in other higher dimensions, where there is a more clearer view of oneness "we" is more applicable.

But then again when Ra or Quo speak they say "I" even though they refer to "we".. quite a paradox.

RE: "We" instead of "I" - IndigoSalvia - 06-20-2022

(06-20-2022, 09:42 AM)Quincunx Wrote: ‘We’ is to describe more than one. If ‘All is One’ then we should actually be moving towards ‘I’. The goal is ‘I am’ not ‘We am’. The word ‘we’ would continue to separate us as we are moving toward oneness.

Think of the planet Hatonn. Every one refers to themselves as Hatonn. One name does not create division. The same goes for Ra. Earth at present is referred as a planet. Imagine one day everyone calling themselves Earth or Gaia.

Great point. The word doesn't matter as much as the sense of unity that is in that word.

RE: "We" instead of "I" - tadeus - 06-21-2022

(06-19-2022, 07:07 PM)IndigoSalvia Wrote: I wonder what would happen if I substitute "we" each time I tried to say "I."

People will think you have a multiple personality. CrackingUp 

When you wear a crown this would be more correct and would provoke less questions.

RE: "We" instead of "I" - unity100 - 06-25-2022

You cant do it on every occasion. But 'We' instead of 'I' thinking is a great way to start the path towards intelligent infinity.

RE: "We" instead of "I" - flofrog - 06-25-2022

Lol IndigoSalvia, I do that so often.

The other is definitely, in the end, oneself.
I have to say, for me, it feels pretty blissful, particularly if the other is apparently really different from me …

RE: "We" instead of "I" - sillypumpkins - 07-02-2022

I do this in small ways. I work at a cafe and I've found it helps me feel more unity in the moment when I say, "Can we get a shot of espresso at the bar?" rather than "Can I get a shot of espresso at the bar?" for example.

As others have said, it's appropriate not all the time, but there are certainly instances for me where it helps to be more inclusive in my language.

Imagine.... someone asks you, "why are you crying" and you respond with "our grandma just died" BOOM instant confusion! LOL

RE: "We" instead of "I" - Dekalb_Blues - 07-03-2022

[Image: Alfred_E_Neuman.jpeg]

[Image: billward_theloneranger.jpg]

[Image: we-are-not-amused-meme-generator-net-14172734.png]
My go-to self-exoneration: The Devil made me do it.  Angel