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Accountability in the LOO. - Phoenix - 06-22-2022

I have noticed this society seems to keep bringing up reasons why people are not accountable for themselves for this or that behaviour. But in this excerpt it seems to me that Ra advises the laws of karma are less forgiving than we would naturally assume in this regard:

Quote:Questioner: As an entity in this density grows from childhood, he becomes more aware of his responsibilities. Is there an age below which an entity is not responsible for his actions, or is he responsible from the time of birth?

Ra: I am Ra. An entity incarnating upon the Earth plane becomes conscious of self at a varying point in its time/space progress through the continuum. This may have a median, shall we say, of approximately fifteen of your months. Some entities become conscious of self at a period closer to incarnation, some at a period farther from this event. In all cases responsibility then becomes retroactive from that point backwards in the continuum so that distortions are to be understood by the entity and dissolved as the entity learns.

Questioner: Then an entity, say, four years old would be totally responsible for any actions that were against or inharmonious with the Law of One. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. It may be noted that it has been arranged by your social complex structures that the newer entities to incarnation are to be provided with guides of a physical mind/body/spirit complex, thus being able to learn quickly what is consonant with the Law of One.

A lot of people believe that if they have certain personality disorders this absolves them from karma. This is something that is not clear to me, since if someone had full blown autism or downs syndrome it seems to me unlikely they are karmically responsible. But I would not think a four year old would be either. So it is one of those things that makes you think!

RE: Accountability in the LOO. - unity100 - 06-25-2022

Yep. Everyone is responsible for the results of his or her actions. Even in the case of forgiveness - that someone forgives himself or herself or that someone else or a higher principle does it, does not change the fact that whatever deed was done, was done, and it will eventually return to its origin - the person himself.