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Being in love - sillypumpkins - 06-24-2022

What does "being in love" mean to you?

RE: Being in love - tadeus - 06-25-2022

That my hormons take over control. CrackingUp

RE: Being in love - flofrog - 06-25-2022

lol Tadeus

To me when I was young it was a recognition of someone I met before in another life. Today it is still that bit it s also the recognition of everyone.

RE: Being in love - IndigoSalvia - 06-25-2022

There is no one type of being in love for me. I can feel overwhelming love in a moment, just really connected, present, and - the closest word I can find is - expansive. I also experience many types of "human" love, some of which has been/is conditional: romantic love, friendly love, mother-child love, etc.

When I hear the phrase "being in love" it most often conjures up the romantic 'flavor' of love.

However, the most satisfying and fulfilling love is the one where I feel expansive, and I just sink into a moment and become one with it, whether it's a solitary moment or with other beings.

RE: Being in love - omcasey - 06-26-2022

What a good question.

I suppose I experience it as a sensation of completeness within myself. A longing for nothing. An arrival/presence of all I could ever need. Something like this.

I can often feel this way at sunsets.

RE: Being in love - tadeus - 06-27-2022

(06-24-2022, 11:24 PM)sillypumpkins Wrote: What does "being in love" mean to you?

Here is a nice quote how Eckhart Tolle has defined it in his book "The Power of Now":

Quote:Liebe ist ein Seinszustand. Deine Liebe lebt nicht außen, sie lebt tief in deinem Inneren. Du kannst sie nie verlieren und sie kann dich nie verlassen. Sie ist nicht abhängig von einem anderen Körper, von einer äußeren Form. In der Stille deiner Gegenwärtigkeit kannst du deine eigene formlose und zeitlose Wahrheit fühlen und sie als das unmanifeste Leben erkennen, das deine körperliche Form beseelt. Dasselbe Leben kannst du dann tief in jedem menschlichen Wesen, in jedem Geschöpf fühlen.
Du durchschaust den Schleier von Form und Trennung.
Das ist die Einsicht und Verwirklichung von Einheit.
Das ist Liebe.

Was ist Gott?
Das ewige Eine Leben hinter allen Formen, die das Leben annimmt.
Was ist Liebe?
Die Gegenwart dieses Lebens tief in dir und in allen Geschöpfen zu spüren. Es zu sein.
Aus diesem Grunde ist alle Liebe die Liebe Gottes.

Quote:Love is a state of being. Your love does not live outside, it lives deep inside you. You can never lose it and it can never leave you. It is not dependent on another body, on an external form. In the stillness of your presence, you can feel your own formless and timeless truth and recognize it as the unmanifest life that animates your physical form. The same life you can then feel deeply in every human being, in every creature.
You see through the veil of form and separation.
That is the insight and realization of oneness.
That is love.

What is God?
The eternal One Life behind all the forms that life takes.
What is love?
To feel the presence of that life deep within you and within all creatures. To be it.
For this reason, all love is the love of God.

Translated with (free version)

RE: Being in love - pat19989 - 06-27-2022

Complete and total acceptance of yourself and by extension, other self

RE: Being in love - sillypumpkins - 06-29-2022

It feels like a buoy to me.... like if I am lost in the sea of emotions, if I keep love in mind and be in it, it acts as a buoy that sort of keeps me afloat. It doesn't get rid of the tumultuous waters, but it does keep me afloat Smile

RE: Being in love - meadow-foreigner - 06-30-2022

The process of uncovering and the getting to know an-other-Self whilst being simultaneously being uncovered and known by such Self after a certain threshold of pairing and intimacy; usually correlated with physical intimacy.

Summarily, in Ra's terminology, the type of feeling that of the Creation discovering itself.