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How do you try to Love in your daily life, and the people w/in? - Malajube - 07-10-2022

I am curious how others do love, or try to love as they go about their daily lives?

For me, I've pondered this and try to contemplate ways to do this better, or more wholeheartedly. I think that there are two guiding principles that I try to use to guide me into integrating this higher ideal. For one, my definition of Love is rather simple "do unto others as you would have done to yourself". This is useful because if I am ever stumped, I can always imagine myself in another's shoes, and then ask "what I would want done to me if I was in that situation?" I don't always feel I did it justice, but I always feel this sets me in the right direction.

The second is that acceptance and not control is love. This helps me when I notice when I interact with friends and family, and the many asynchronicities trigger me, so to say, to try and change them or their thinking, or the result of an outcome. When at my best, I am able to remember that I should accept what the creator has given to me in this experience, and accept others as they are in this moment, as deigned by their relationship with the creator. I accept that, even if the outcome, or their thoughts and actions are not what I wanted, I can only grow closer to love by accepting them and the present situation as it is.

A third principle I think, that is difficult to manage, but I believe must to be of any true service, is the use of willpower in daily life. Right now I try to frame it as accepting the power that the creator has given me to interact with his creation. I.E. accomplishing goals, completing tasks, and participating w/in relationships. In the latter, I try my best not to impose, as not to interfere with other's free will, but engage in such a way that as much as I am able, my actions are an offering rather than something I force.

With these as my guidelines, I've grown much gentler, and at times I've been able to be warm towards others in ways that I never would have been in the past. Still I falter in these ideas, and do my best to work with those mistakes as catalyst to understand myself, others, and become more attuned to the creator's love.

That is generally are my thoughts of how I attempt/do this, and so I ask, how do you?

RE: How do you try to Love in your daily life, and the people w/in? - Sacred Fool - 07-10-2022

Good question.

I don't give it much thought in the moment, rather, I try to tune into the situation and respond as I feel comfortable...if that's possible.  Afterwards, however, I will regard the quality of my response in light of my vibrational state at the time and try to learn something from that.  For example, if I feel I went off course in some interaction, I will look to see if I was afraid or self absorbed, etc.

This is a quote from today's Q'uote of the Day and it expresses what try to aim for.

Quote:"The skill of pointing a desire is, paradoxically enough, that moment when it is seen that desire of the self and desire of the infinite One are one and the same thing. And there is a surrender of the small self to the Creator self so that these lower orders of body and mind and personality shell begin not to fall away but to have less sway over the incarnational process, over the thinking that feeds into the choices that you make. "