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Session 10.7-8 the stakes to be considered. - Phoenix - 07-29-2022

This one is quite scary:

Quote:Questioner: When Maldek was destroyed, did all people of Maldek have the problem or were some advanced enough to transfer to other planets?

Ra: I am Ra. In the occurrence of planetary dissolution none escaped, for this is an action which redounds to the social complex of the planetary complex itself. None escaped the knot or tangle.

Questioner: Is there any danger of this happening to Earth at this time?

Ra: I am Ra. We feel this evaluation of your planetary mind/body/spirit complex’s so-called future may be less than harmless. We say only the conditions of mind exist for such development of technology and such deployment. It is the distortion of our vision/understanding that the mind and spirit complexes of those of your people need orientation rather than the “toys” needing dismantlement, for are not all things that exist part of the Creator? Therefore, freely to choose is your honor/duty.

What strikes me here is that when things happen in our lives in a more mundane sense, and we think "Why didn't the spirits stop this?" That they have other pressing things that they have to consider. The contact/ confederation has been making sure our entire planet does not get destroyed and become an asteroid belt like Maldek.