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Ra Theme Park!!! - Sacred Fool - 08-02-2022

Hey there, my fellow Forumistas!

Let us not despair over the loss of our shared space here, but let us raise our sights much higher and work together to create something far more magnificent!

My friends, there has been some hand wringing of late regarding the potential prostituting of the Law of One, and yet, Ra encourages us to look at each thing and its opposite.  I say, looking at the opposite offers us an opportunity create a masterpiece of devotion to Ra & company, thus allowing us to bring it all full circle, concretising the Law of One .  (Or, if bringing it full circle, then maybe it would be the Law of Zero?  Even better!)

The obvious conclusion, therefore, is that we must build a Ra Theme Park!  (We could maybe put it in Kentucky near where the new Noah's Ark is now suing it's insurance company for damages due to excessive rain.  Yep, true story.)  After all, B4th has been a theme park of sorts, has it not?  So, why not now take it to the next logical stage?

We'll have over-sized walking puppets depicting The Questioner, The Instrument and The Scribe which will greet people and pose for photos.  Gosh, we would need a landing pad and have replicas of alien space craft.  Of course, we'd have a pyramid and re-enact the initiation process.  Also, we could have galactic battles re-enacted between 4d+ and 4D- forces.

There would have to be a wax museum showing the scene of the Ra channeling with all the symbolic imagery and all kinds of other stuff (maybe Rasputin, Genghis Khan and Taras Bulba?)........................  Just IMAGINE the possibilities.

So, please add your own inspirations below.  We will need them all.

Thanks so much, and I'm starting this off with an idea for transportation around the Theme Park.  Below is a Red Green video of how to make a hybrid saucer-like craft for very cheap!  Thanks again!

May we all enjoy our ride through the universe..........

RE: Ra Theme Park!!! - Spaced - 08-02-2022

There would have to be a hall of mirrors of course. Maybe a Ferris Wheel of Fortune?