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Merging with God - AnthroHeart - 08-03-2022

Is going into the next Octave Density the same as merging with God/Creator?

Ra says it is timelessness of an unimaginable nature.

RE: Merging with God - Sacred Fool - 08-03-2022

It appears that the next octave is a new beginning, not a finality.

Quote:52.12 Questioner: Thank you. In mentioning, in the previous session, the harvest, you mentioned the light-bringers from the octave. Am I to understand that those who provide the light for the gradation of graduation are of an octave above the one we experience? Could you tell me more about these light-bringers, who they are, etc.?
Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working.

This octave density of which we have spoken is both omega and alpha, the spiritual mass of the infinite universes becoming one central sun or Creator once again. Then is born a new universe, a new infinity, a new Logos which incorporates all that the Creator has experienced of Itself. In this new octave there are also those who wander. We know very little across the boundary of octave except that these beings come to aid our octave in its Logos completion.


RE: Merging with God - flofrog - 08-03-2022

Smile Eternally no limits ever …

RE: Merging with God - AnthroHeart - 08-03-2022

What is the process then of returning to Source?
I hear about that in spiritual circles, that we are to bring all
things back to God/Creator.

If that is not the next Octave, then what is it?

I've also heard we're ascending to the next Octave, the whole galaxy
where there will be no duality.