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Bye y’all - sillypumpkins - 08-03-2022

It didn’t click for me when I read the announcement a few weeks ago that this special place was actually going away.

Well.... it hit me.

What a special, special place B4 is. I am so grateful to have been a part of this community and to have met/gotten to know all of you, even in the midst of heavy catalyst. 

I often feel lonely in the real world, like an alien. So B4 was always a safe haven for me to go and interact with other aliens. I have never felt so connected within a community, physical, online or otherwise. That means a lot to me and I will carry it with me wherever I go. 

Oh ya..... that sweet, sweet sting of goodbye. :’) 

PM your emails if you’d like/here’s mine!

Love you all


RE: Bye y’all - LeiwoUnion - 08-03-2022

Such is the way of the pendulum. Somehow the inevitable and entirely obvious turn always seem to come as a surprise. much for nobody as to all.

RE: Bye y’all - Sacred Fool - 08-03-2022

Farewell, Pumpie.  I wish you fair weather as your voyage of outward scenarios leads you closer and closer to discovering the essence of Eternity which is the guiding light of that voyage projected outward as your life here.  Travel inward, find that which is Sacred, not *to* you, but that which *is* you and seeking a taste of life on Earth.  The pair of you might end up making an interesting team.

RE: Bye y’all - sillypumpkins - 08-03-2022

Thank you SF, I will certainly miss your enchanting and intoxicating way with words Wink