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Welcoming Our Death - jafar - 08-03-2022

From the time I was born in this forum, I'm well aware that my existence and also this forum existence is temporary.
Since the "logos" of this reality has announced the death date of my active participation in this reality.
I would like to say thank you to all identities on this reality. 
And would like to apologize for any unintended harm that my identity, jafar has caused to any other identities here.

Luckily the contract on this reality does not mandate jafar to also erase / reset his memory of all of his experience here.
Thus the memory will still survive.
And may we meet in other form of realities.
I might assume other form of identity and I might hail any of you with "I was jafar on".

Cheers! light and love of the one infinite creator is always shining through us all.

RE: Welcoming Our Death - MonadicSpectrum - 08-03-2022

Farewell to the entity known as jafar. Thank you for all your contributions. Smile

I would say that not only is our meeting again probable but also inevitable. Although how much time it will take is a mystery indeed.

RE: Welcoming Our Death - Sacred Fool - 08-03-2022

Considerations of your demise might be premature.  Have a look here.