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...Interesting... Care to comment? - Memorandem - 04-11-2009

Hello all.

I was chatting with a friend recently and I found my thoughts incredibly clear.

I felt as if I had an overview or was at a vantage point, seeing me, my life, and my personality in a generalized fashion.

I started pulling a concept out of thin air, and simply started writing it down, not taking too much notice of my partner, who you can see was somewhat oblivious as to what was happening. Angel

This is why I suspect I have natural ability for channeling. Every once in a while this will happen and I spit out lines of text from nowhere.

Here is what I wrote:

Quote:Anthony (11:50 PM): It has become evident to me that I am a fractured being.
Anthony (11:51 PM): I have multiple selves who think they are "me".
Anthony (11:51 PM): Each of them has very strong moral beliefs, and so they all think they're right when they are in control. So it is almost impossible to get them to cooperate.
Anthony (11:51 PM): I can't tell who is talking to you at any given time.
Anthony (11:51 PM): All I know is that some know of the situation while the other don't.
Anthony (11:52 PM): Some see at all times while others are oblivious to the constant monitoring.
Anthony (11:52 PM): If one make a strong effort in one direction, however, it causes its counterpart to make an equal effort in their direction.
Anthony (11:53 PM): Often these things happen at different times, and not at once.
Anthony (11:53 PM): What it means is that I can do something completely sadistic one moment, and proceed to feel no guilt the next.
Anthony (11:55 PM): Often times the oblivious parts will choose to be ignorant of the watch of their counterparts because they cannot accept the fact that they cannot make a move without an equal force being exerted against them.
Anthony (11:56 PM): And so the fractures remain separate and I experience extreme shifts of orientation and of personality.
Ayame (11:56 PM): Hmm so now I would have to say you are not as innocent as people think you are. Now are you hmhmhm
Anthony (11:57 PM): Innocent simply refers to what has been done as opposed to what has not.
Anthony (11:59 PM): Imagine a flower with 10 petals.
Anthony (11:59 PM): One half is dark, the other light.
Anthony (11:59 PM): Each petal has across from it, its counterpart.
Anthony (12:00 AM): A living Tai Chi or Yin Yang symbol.
Anthony (12:00 AM): One petal cannot die as they all are required to sustain the whole.
Anthony (12:01 AM): If one does, there is a massive energy leak.
Anthony (12:01 AM): Or in some cases, an energy overflow.
Anthony (12:02 AM): The movement towards wholeness and one with soul exists perpendicular to the flow of energies, as the law of conservation of energy applies here.
Anthony (12:02 AM): This path comes up from the center of the flower.
Ayame (12:02 AM): well I must have phrased what I said wrong. You never seize
Anthony (12:04 AM): The drama queen pulls away from the path to soul and pulls towards separateness for the sake of drama/conflict, down from the center of the flower..
Anthony (12:05 AM): The eternal martyr pulls away from separateness and towards oneness, for the sake of harmony/peace, up from the center of the flower towards soul.
Anthony (12:05 AM): No one way is better than the other.
Ayame (12:05 AM): You never stop suprising me. You are very interesting I'd have to say.
Anthony (12:06 AM): What path you choose to follow determines your life and also determines others' lives.
Anthony (12:07 AM): As the law of conservation of energy applies, there must be an equal number of people coming towards oneness as there are those falling into separateness.
Anthony (12:08 AM): So choosing your orientation narrows the free will of all others who have yet to decide.
Anthony (12:09 AM): In order to increase the free will of all sentient beings as a whole, we must choose together or not at all. Or else, the portion that has claimed their free will will have had more opportunity than those who have not.
Anthony (12:09 AM): This is, if you value free will.
Anthony (12:10 AM): If not, you fly forward as fast as you can without giving a second thought to anyone else.
Ayame (12:10 AM): Like running through a hallway full of faceless nameless people.
Anthony (12:12 AM): You can also fly backward as fast as possible.
Anthony (12:12 AM): When we are not moving through the center of the flower, we are working on each of the petals to bring them into balance.
Anthony (12:13 AM): So that the respective energy pulls will bring us to the center.
Anthony (12:13 AM): Where we can move towards or away from soul.
Anthony (12:15 AM): When the flower becomes unbalanced again, we drift in the currents toward the petal that needs work.
Ayame (12:15 AM): You are typing what you think as you think it again aren't you?
Anthony (12:16 AM): We can have strong energy currents through all of the petals or we can have weak ones, but it is balance that brings us to the center, not net flow of energy.
Anthony (12:16 AM): The strength of the energy current will depend on how hard we work on each petal (or the flower as a whole), and whether or not we overcompensate.
Anthony (12:16 AM): Or undercompensate.
Anthony (12:18 AM): Sometimes the energy pathways can become complex and one will spend a lot of their time weaving through and throughout the whole system, until one finds balance.
Anthony (12:19 AM): Personality and mood changes as one moves between petals.

I have not read much of the Ra/loo material yet, and I'm not sure how much this lines up with it.

Anyone is free to discuss this, I am interested in your ideas or interpretations. I'm sure similar analogies are everywhere, and that this is not unique or new. But it's special to me because of how clearly it came through.

My question to you is, how many petals do you feel are on your flower? For me it was ten, but I think it can be different for different people.

Maybe sometime later I will go through this and try to pick out what was pulled from thin air and what was more or less altered by me, to see if I can achieve a higher purity of information.

- Memorandem

RE: ...Interesting... Care to comment? - ayadew - 04-11-2009

Hello, my dear friend.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is always a joyous task to read them.
When typing, I have also occasionally become quite immersed in my wordings, and not really aware of what I write. I then read back and is amazed by the material! There seems to be no possibility that I wrote this only by my own conscious intention.

As for the shadow and light petals, there is Q'uo material on the "shadow self". This shadow self is the one encouraged by passive STS intentions from higher entities, which can/is be much stronger than passive STO intentions from higher entities, for STO beings often only helps when asked. Naturally, there are delinquents in regards to respecting the Law of Confusion, such as Ra once... ^_^

My petals have decreased as I have moved towards a more harmonised state, and these petals are also connected to other-selves in my vicinity. We all share a flower on this planet, and as one of this petal becomes harmonised, it can come together with other harmonised ones. There is a flower for the Creator. They go towards infinity, for there are infinite petals in infinite flowers.

This is my subjective interpretation.

RE: ...Interesting... Care to comment? - B61zz13 - 04-13-2009

Wow, I'm very interesting how those words would come up out of thin air. Nice job! Wink I don't think I could manage to release a clear flow of words and phrases like that (I see it as clear).

I think that certain petals on my flower are somewhat deprived of light and they aren't properly aligned with the "sunlight". The flower as a whole wants to reach towards the light, but it's hard to keep all of the petals satisfied if one or two loses touch of the light for a certain amount of time and then a "see-saw" effect happens and the flower starts to tilt its face in many ways, twisting itself in many directions as a means to seek comfort as a whole in accordance to the petals. Although many petals have shed off, new ones have emerged with much more vibration and uniformity, yet still delicate.

I don't think I could count the number of petals exactly, but I'm guessing about 20 tiny petals. Smile

RE: ...Interesting... Care to comment? - Memorandem - 04-13-2009

Thank you for your interesting replies.

I don't take this seriously. I was simply curious of what others thought.

Considering that I have little to no practice channeling, taking it seriously could be a bad thing.

- Memorandem