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Prayer - Memorandem - 04-29-2009

Hello all.

Here I try to make up for any wrongdoing I may have done in my last thread (although, I am happy in a way to have stained the tablecloth, so to say, and I was seriously thinking there was not enough of that. Sort of like japanese aesthetics. If it's perfect, they introduce a flaw. Makes sense to me).

Another one of my reflections and I found myself writing something very interesting.

I'll no longer consider these Channelings of any sort, since I've managed to isolate what I believe to be what causes them, and it's an internal thing, not an external one. It's something that likes to run rampant every once in a while, and I have a hard time controlling it. Whenever it happens, I always feel as if I'm right, and it is always true to an extent. But in the end it is usually some source of controversy, and sometimes it is something that reflects negatively on me, and even that conflicts with my own beliefs. Still, they often reflect strong values and logic that flows seamlessly and harmoniously, like some sort of melody.

Here is my latest one. The beginning of this train of thought started when I began praying to the Universe as the Cassiopaeans suggested. The beginning is somewhat off-topic, but it flows into the main topic in a way that I chose not to take it away. Although the beginning help understand the rest, I still feel it lacks some groundwork.


Quote:As far as growth goes, I've come up with an interesting idea: spiritual growth is like climbing a glass wall with suction cups. When you get to a certain level, you form logical conclusions that serve to stick your feet to the glass and give you support. But in order to create new cups to lift yourself up, you have to bring in to question the foundation, IE pull the suction cups on your feet off the glass and get out of your comfort zone so you can think outside the box. There is little fear of falling because we realize the emptiness below us is simply an illusion, one that we have seen through in order to get to the present level. Since all is One, we cannot grow by making distinctions (which is why we have to break them down right after we create them) Rather, we do it by Thought alone. The more we think, the more ground we cover, the more we climb. The only way to grow is through pure, unbiased, all-inclusive thought that does not judge or place expectations on what it is inspecting. That is the nature of thought, anyways - Thought is meant to look at things nonjudgmentally, and making distinctions or placing expectations entirely defeats its purpose. True thought is the drawing in of reality as we build our DNA strands, going by the FT (Freedom Teachings, taught by Ashayana Deane and Co. - it isn't necessary to be familiar with this)(I'm fairly sure this doesn't conflict with what they say).

To say that something is one thing, is to say that another is not; this creates a separation in your own reality. It naturally limits us (Not to worry though, all forms of thought have their place). Take for instance, Prayer. This word creates a separation - that between the one being prayed to, and the one praying. The one asking, and the one being asked. This instantly puts you at the mercy of any subconscious or otherwise misconceptions you have about the two things (for example, feelings of the fear of teacher authority, making the teacher superior as opposed to the learner, which will throw off the purity of the information you receive because it is coming through that subconscious lens). The Cassiopaeans say that the most powerful thing to pray to was the Universe. I would have to agree, because my prayers seem to have been heard, some of them more than I had wanted X_X. I ended up learning why some of the things I prayed for didn't line up with my personal philosophy. Aside from the corrections I made to my beliefs, my sincere requests were answered in some form, through my own thought process as I was responding to the "events in my reality fields". Anyways, I also learned what I am explaining right now, and I learned it because my previous concept of prayer didn't fit very well with my beliefs. The most unbiased form of "prayer" that I have been able to come up with is this: When you "set up" your frame for prayer, try to do it using words or ideas that emphasize separation the least. Set a topic for the prayer that encompasses what you want to discuss, but that does not limit via implied separation (as much as possible). Finally, make your intent that it should be all-inclusive, even if your "framing" wasn't. This intent will straighten out the crooks as long as it remains at the base of the prayer. Finally, what is being prayed to? Even if the pray-er/pray-ee distortion is present, you can use a word such as "Universe" to describe "who". This works because Universe is all-inclusive. If you use the word universe with the all-inclusive intent, it will override the pray-er/pray-ee crook. I find that in order to get a sense of Universe, I can look at something, and accept it as "universe", accept it as creation. Look at your room, Universe. Think of the people in your life, Universe. Anything that comes to mind, accept it as part of the all-inclusive universe. After setting up the frame, consider how you will converse. Asking for something will create a Asker/giver distortion and might cause a problem since you are basically stating that you do not have the power to get what you want, you are disempowering yourself to receive, as well as the Universe, or the "giver", to give. The most distortion free idea I have come up with is to simply converse - to talk with it. You and it as equals - the concept of conversation doesn't carry any subconscious baggage for me as far as I know. You may have better frames that may work for you, and we are all different. Throughout the course of this work, however, you will learn which frames are distorted and which one are not so much so, as it is the nature of the exercise.

After framing the intent of all-inclusivesness and doing your best to verbally or otherwise set up a low-distortion frame, generally your frame will improve over time as long as you stick with the intent of all-inclusiveness. Even so, a strong frame done right the first time should help speed things up and avoid undue trouble. I would note here that the best time to do this is when you feel intense and have a lot of spiritual baggage, or as someone I know would say, you have a "heavy vibration". If done correctly, the heavy spiritual stuff will evaporate into a far more pleasant spiritual energy and this will allow you to more easily think about your situation without judgment and without distraction.

I hope that if it doesn't directly benefit someone, it at least provides new viewpoints and unique perspective/thought by which someone can indirectly benefit.

- Memorandem

RE: Prayer - alchemikey - 04-30-2009

all-inclusive praying Smile

here is a prayer to start a new day: