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Working with Earth's Crystal Grid - AnthroHeart - 06-29-2011

This is sort of a continuation to the posting I had some time ago:

If you are opened enough to feel the presence of your indigo ray, perhaps some pressure, heat, whatever else, you can use that for programming crystals. It just takes focusing the intent into the crystal. You'll feel the energy shift from heavy to light as the programming takes effect. When the crystal is programmed, it will be nice and tight the energy, very centered and balanced. The crystal will then begin attracting what programming was put into it.

Then, one can tune into this crystal, and use it to program even larger crystals. The crystal doesn't have to be physically present. The larger crystals will be harder to shift with the programming because there is much more spiritual mass/inertia to overcome to hold the new programming.

Then one can step up and program the crystal grid around the Earth. By using this progression from small crystal up to the large grid, one begins to move larger amounts of spiritual mass.

This mass gives more kick to when you want to shift energies on the planet. So say if somoene needs help who is anxious, you could shift their energy to be more centered and peaceful. Pushing through the grid gives you a whole lot more push in the programming of another's field.

I don't believe that we can violate anyone's free will in this. Free Will is more fundamental than this energy. I have found that when you reach deeper layers that a person is not willing to let go of, the energy will plateau, and be like a wall.

The good thing about the grid is it builds up a lot of inertia, so when you're done pushing, it will continue to push automatically for some time till its inertia runs out.

Feel free to post ideas or questions.

RE: Working with Earth's Crystal Grid - 3DMonkey - 06-29-2011

You lost me at "feel the indigo ray".

RE: Working with Earth's Crystal Grid - Peregrinus - 06-30-2011

Violation of the first distortion is indeed negatively polarizing. A simple way to avoid this is to work with the higher self of the individual you desire to serve, providing the energy to the higher self to use when the mbsc is ready and capable to use the energy.

This is the same process as healing; the positively polarized mbsc only provides a conduit of IntInf energy, providing the higher self of the other-self an opportunity to make an adjustment to the path.

RE: Working with Earth's Crystal Grid - Bring4th_Steve - 06-30-2011

I've always felt drawn to the process of working with crystals. I've worked with some that have caused my body to twitch in random places, which was the same feeling I got when I experienced two Reiki masters do a healing on me.

The only thing I was mention here is that it is not imperative to be in touch with your indigo ray in order to program a crystal grid. It is your explicit intention and the subsequent focus/energy of charging the crystal that empowers it.

In the Reiki world, there's a symbol called the Antahkarana (or something close! BigSmile), and many practitioners lay crystal rods along the lines of this geometric pattern. The very act of focusing on this particular geometry, as well as the physical laying of crystals in a specific pattern, creates an amazing energetic effect for those who pick up on it.

If intention is truly the motivating enabler for programming a crystal, it would seem that the harnessing or summoning of one's chakra point would be an aspect of that intent, but certainly not a critical component.


RE: Working with Earth's Crystal Grid - AnthroHeart - 06-30-2011

I just learned last night that if I let God (or source) do the shifts, instead of me trying to, it is much more powerful.
I hadn't really been one to pray, as I saw it as religious. But I did a little test, saying a prayer of 5 words.
The prayer starts in the heart, and ripples out. Then, the Field ripples back from higher densities, denser and denser. The resulting ripples were so dense that I couldn't tune into them.

So prayers with heart I have found to be much more powerful than anything I could do myself. I just have God do the work. Takes a lot of work off of me, and I think it helps to protect me from inadvertently violating the first distortion.

Then, prayers can become an intent rather than use of words. I was holding this intent that God raise me to the highest density (still in 3rd, so sub-density), that I was ready for. I experienced somewhat crushing feelings as my body got used to being raised like that. It now feels very much like I'd imagine walking the steps of Light. I can definitely feel the presence of the Love and Light. Some very dense energies at this point.

Thanks for the clarification Steve. I think the difference was that I could consciously feel the energy shift, so was more precisely steering it. But working with Source or God, the increase in spiritual mass one can work with is incredible.

So prayers cause ripples from higher densities. That's something new to me.

RE: Working with Earth's Crystal Grid - Bring4th_Steve - 06-30-2011

(06-30-2011, 09:25 AM)Gemini Wolf Wrote: Thanks for the clarification Steve. I think the difference was that I could consciously feel the energy shift, so was more precisely steering it. But working with Source or God, the increase in spiritual mass one can work with is incredible.

So prayers cause ripples from higher densities. That's something new to me.

I think your explanation is awesome for those who are capable of feeling the higher vibrations within them. I'm glad that you considered that the same outcome can still be achieved through intention, but I bet there is nothing more rewarding than "feeling" the energy itself move, instead of intending for it to move and trusting that it will. The feedback you receive probably makes your personal experience so much more fulfilling and connected!

Thanks for sharing that with us!

RE: Working with Earth's Crystal Grid - AnthroHeart - 06-30-2011

Yeah Steve, the feedback is very fulfilling. Though these dense ripples can be somewhat startling because when they touch your field, it's like a strong magnetic field causing sensations like tidal forces as best as I can describe that squash and stretch one's field.

It's hard to come up with an analogy. Maybe something like being in deep water and feeling the compacting sensation. That's kind of how a dense ripple feels to the field. If you don't surrender to the feeling, the squeezing can get overwhelming. And surrendering isn't instantaneous. The sensation of allowing the Light in eases up like one letting the air slowly out of a balloon. Then it feels light again as you get used to the denser energies.

And when I'm open, even walking around I'll tend to walk through pockets of denser energies which slightly give some resistance to my walk. But that hasn't been too bad.

When I put out the intent for God to move and do some work, and I focus on my own field, those ripples are so dense that I don't really get used to them, but they do dissipate as inertia runs out. The Field has tendency to rebalance itself toward stillness (i.e. the ripples settle down).

So if you repeat the word like Denser, Denser, Denser, each one of those words will ripple, ripple, ripple, magnify, magnify, magnify, and together will reach a sort of stable denseness. Their push tends to hang around for a few minutes or so, depending on how much heart and intent was put into the saying of the word. A heartfelt prayer could press for hours or days, though I haven't timed it. And the push/intensity of the word or prayer ripples eases up in time quite smoothly. Yep, repeating words adds to the overall inertia of the intent.

Hope this clears up some more about how our words cause dense ripples and how they interact with our fields.