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Field Singularity - AnthroHeart - 07-05-2011

This is my experience, so take what resonates with you.

It's getting harder to describe what's happening. It's pretty good actually. After I released a lot of blockages (layers upon layers), I found that the densesness of my field causes it to attract to itself. It collapses down when I allow it. The gravitational force goes through all the chakras, so any blockages prevent the collapse. Collapse is a good thing from what I see. It increases density and stability and balance of field as it's more focused.

I found my indigo ray is a singularity (or at least it feels like one). Because it's so dense I'm able to shift energies so easily with it. By allowing, my field collapses itself toward the singularity. My field hasn't gone completely to singularity yet because I still have flaws and blockages, though very deep ones. They sort of prevent the progress of collapsing into the singularity of my indigo ray.

I think that's what breaking through to intelligent infinity is. You collapse to singularity by clearing all flaws, which forms another universe, or next Octave/density as Ra puts it. They say it's a passport to the next Octave, though I think next Density.

So I'm aworking on surrendering, allowing myself to be pulled toward my indigo singularity. I believe this is the gateway (or at least one way) to intelligent infinity.

RE: Field Singularity - Oceania - 07-05-2011

that reminds me of what David Wilcock did with his show and tell, he showed the "tree of life" which is a... well what you just described i think.

RE: Field Singularity - Confused - 07-05-2011

That is very interesting, GW. I have always wondered what touching intelligent infinity meant. It is good that you started a thread dealing with that. Hopefully, more experiences will pour in.

RE: Field Singularity - AnthroHeart - 07-06-2011

Thanks Confused.

This is teaching me to be in a state of allowing. When I'm around people, be open to accepting rather than blocking. I do this by keeping my heart chakra open and allowing the inflow. I hadn't realized before how much resistance I had to being around others.

There's much to be said about staying in the flow. I wonder if our polarity is tied to how much we are allowing.

RE: Field Singularity - AnthroHeart - 07-06-2011

The gravitational pull of my field feels like it's having affect on my body at times as well. Feel some deep warming sensations and contortions of my muscles. It's quite nice if not strong.