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Radiant Being - Turtle - 07-09-2011

I am actually a little surprised by how narrow my focus has become, concerning life/wants/desires/beliefs. All that matters to me anymore is feeling the presence of my own essence, letting it radiate and balancing my inner self as soon as something upsets my equilibrium. Even when I contemplate my identity, who I am in this life and who I believe to be beyond this life, even then...I come back to the identity of "radiant being"...

My practice, my obsession, has become what I identify myself as above all other concepts of identity.

The sensation of it is of the utmost importance...I cannot "see" this light, but the more I allow myself to feel it and let it flow, the more my daily life runs more smoothly. The practicalness of it is truly bewildering.


The link below is to a detailed discussion of inner balancing, for any that are interested.

RE: Radiant Being - Namaste - 07-09-2011

Wonderful to see that you have found your path.

Enjoy :¬)