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Can't find passage. - Phoenix - 06-21-2009

Hey, I was reminded about this in the 'can't find thread' in Olio.

One time I saw a study guide to the LOO. And in there was a passage from the LOO that went like this:

Ra: I am Ra. It is wise not to keep sorrow and hard-heartedness as guests. Find those you hold grievances against and solve the problems. The guests speak much but they are not good company.

When I brought the LOO five books and read through them all. I was constantly on the lookout for that quote but never found it, and I was sure I saw it in the original study guide. I remember thinking to myself 'remember where this is because because you could forget it'. Of course I didn't write it down.

RE: Can't find passage. - Steppingfeet - 06-21-2009

Hey Phoenix,

I'm not aware of any such passage in the Law of One books. Which isn't to say that there does not exist a seed thought in the material which has bloomed into, through the soil of your own mind, the understanding which you have communicated below. There may very well be.

If it does exist however it is not in my memory database (the one located in the brain).

I have encountered many instances of people being certain that they've read such and such statement in the Law of One books and upon searching through the material or cross-checking with some of the Law of One walking encyclopedias out there (Jim McCarty and Tobey Wheelock to name a couple), they discover that the material in their mind was from another source whose information was congruent with, or similar enough to, the message of the Law of One. I am equally guilty of this as well. And I probably could have said this in 70% fewer words. : )

At any rate, my punditry: ALL house guests, whether welcomed or unwelcomed, cherished or despised, fed or starved, will each serve a function which benefits the overall good of the house when each is greeted with loving, gentle, focused, accepting, and differentiated awareness - the awareness of equanimity.

All-encompassing, this awareness is identical with unity and abhors nothing. Greeting each guest with compassion and focus, it irresistibly entices each guest to unwrap and open the hidden and undisclosed gift which the guest had brought for the Self (the "master" of the house) - the gift of liberation.

Though certain guests as sorrow may be not one's preferred company, once they are exposed to the organizing light of your own steady and centered awareness, they will settle down, find their place, and reveal to you their empty nature - returning to you the portion of your identity that they had assumed.

Love and Light!

Quote:Session 1
However, the priests and peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the, shall we say, compassion with which unity is informed by its very nature. Since it contains all, it cannot abhor any.

RE: Can't find passage. - spero - 06-22-2009

Hey Phoenix,

i think the quote your looking for is from a channeling involving Quo...
"March 28, 1993, Sunday Meditation"

"...Therefore, we ask that those with unhealed memories see this as an order of business to be addressed. The self must in some way open the heart to the self’s need and ask with no reservation for forgiveness, and more than that, be prepared to accept that forgiveness and to drop that program and allow its spiritual energy to dissipate, allow the past to become the past. We recommend that this kind of work be done promptly and persistently and be given priority, for sorrows and hard-heartedness may make poor combination of guests, and though they speak much they do not make a good company. The time which is precious in each incarnation need not be spent with such guests if the work be done."

Hope this hits the mark Smile


RE: Can't find passage. - Phoenix - 06-22-2009

Well the synchronicity of the quote at this specific time (in accord with my life), is quite astounding.

Yes, this was the quote. Thankyou Spero, and Bring4th GLB for replies.

It's interesting since I could have sworn it was on The strength and specificity of that supposed memory remind me of learning psychology in school, and the work of Elizabeth Loftus.

RE: Can't find passage. - Steppingfeet - 06-22-2009

Great find Spero!!

And Phoenix, I wanted to clarify my previous post by saying that I should have prefaced my rant by saying that, "The passage you are seeking conjures up these thoughts ______", or something to that effect.

I feel I came across like I was giving advice to a personal question. This was not my intention. My "you" language in my response was the general you, not you-you. : )

RE: Can't find passage. - Phoenix - 06-27-2009

Yeah, it's all good.

RE: Can't find passage. - paddy - 09-26-2009

That passage reminds me of something subtle that doesn't seem to come up very often. The idea is that people can help each other to experience some higher degree of "love" then they may be able to experience by themselves. Such experiences can be very binding between people. That and there may be a desire to sustain such an elevated state of love, which may be difficult to do.

So as this cycle of union runs its course there can be a waning period where people go from engaging behaviors to disengaging behaviors. Here, any sense of recklessness can be heartbreaking, as people may have very different perspectives about the love that was shared. And so this may be where some important service may be offered - in helping each other come down and be okay with it and go on to love another day, say without sorrow and hard heartedness...

I've pondered a Buddhist perspective that considers energies of love as having an impersonal nature, which seems counter intuitive from an emotional standpoint related to the realms where dear intimacies are shared. Then I wonder if it is a tool of detachment and heartbreak management - to ponder such impersonal nature, that with such a tool a person may more easily cope with experiencing love without fear of heartbreak. Having such tools may allow a person to return to elevated states of love faster than without them. There's also the art of being present as another coping tool, suggested by letting the past be past.

Possibly a person who avoids love out of fear of heartbreak is contending with a blockage. In the Ra materials is mention that "a possessive nature" or else "fear of possession" may block good green ray transfer. Maybe that alludes to the idea of heartbreak, sorrow and hard heartedness, in some way or another.