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Oneness: Addition or Subtraction? - Snowflower - 01-11-2012

I have been hearing "We are all one" since I was 19 years old and first became a Baha'i. I never had to actually FEEL it until recently (I'm now 63.) It's been scaring me and tonight, I have discovered why. I've been afraid that if I acknowledge the oneness and become part of that one, that I would eventually lose myself. What if I continue to progress in evolution and eventually find myself (myselves?) in a 6th density memory complex. Does that mean that I am not me? That I am no longer someone with memories and experiences? Will I find unity but lose the very special feeling of loving my children and my grandchildren and the beauty of the snow outside and the beauty of the wild rose when it blooms next June, because I lose memory of them when I lose myself?

Is oneness addition or subtraction? For oneness to be complete, does the individual comprising each part lose self to become one?

I had a flash tonight of being one with others. It was just a flash and it felt - the best word to use is - whole. It was quite a sensation of lightness. I tried recapturing it later, but I guess I'm locked back inside myself for now.

Is there anything in TLOO that talks about loss of self when becoming one with others or maintaining self-identity while still one with the whole?

RE: Oneness: Addition or Subtraction? - zenmaster - 01-11-2012

You must first become an individual in order to be part of a SMC. The SMC is another layer of mind-access once the personal mind has been integrated (through 'balancing') to a sufficient degree. You're not going to lose yourself through any type of acknowledgement.

RE: Oneness: Addition or Subtraction? - Ankh - 01-11-2012

Dear Snowflower, it was interesting to hear your thoughts, and especially this: "lose the very special feeling of loving my children and my grandchildren and the beauty of the snow outside and the beauty of the wild rose when it blooms next June, because I lose memory of them when I lose myself?" It's nice to hear thoughts like that for a change. Personally I feel that I've lost something, some part of me, an extention of me, and I miss it deeply. It is an essential part of me, and part of this essence is my group. I will now provide some quotes that might be of help, but you shouldn't worry about this question, as I understand this growing into a social memory complex as something that comes gradually, and also it is an addition, where everyone's experiences, thoughts, and beingness' melts into one unit. They become an extention of you, not that you will lose your particular vibration/essence.

Here, in session 11:17, Ra describes a creation of a social memory complex, which happens in 4D.

Ra Wrote:A mind/body/spirit social complex becomes a social memory complex when its entire group of entities are of one orientation or seeking. The group memory lost to the individuals in the roots of the tree of mind then becomes known to the social complex, thus creating a social memory complex. The advantages of this complex are the relative lack of distortion in understanding the social beingness and the relative lack of distortion in pursuing the direction of seeking, for all understanding/distortions are available to the entities of the society.

Here is another quote that might be of help:

session 83:27 Wrote:Questioner: I noticed you started this session with “I communicate now” and you usually use “We communicate now.” Is there any significance or difference with respect to that, and then is there anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable or to improve the contact?

Ra: I am Ra. We am Ra. You may see the grammatical difficulties of your linguistic structure in dealing with a social memory complex. There is no distinction between the first person singular and plural in your language when pertaining to Ra.

But my favourite is this Q'uo session, it is about sixth density social memory complex:

Q'uo Wrote:[It] is not simply that a member of a social memory complex defines itself as part of that complex, it is rather that all of those entities who have worked together in collaboration for one common purpose over time become closer than friends, or lovers, or mates. They become one in thought, one in hope, one in intention.

This session can be found in its whole here:

RE: Oneness: Addition or Subtraction? - Cyan - 01-11-2012

Perhaps I might put your mind at east a bit.

Caveat, This is my subjective experience so results may vary.

You are already in all levels between 1 (singular entity) to 6 (group-hive mind entity)

Sometimes you dont notice where you are, you dissociate from yourself either above (too much chatter) or below (not noticing others).

Most of those with physical bodies are in the 2nd or 3rd. Either the "black white" "prey predator" "master-servant" level of the 2nd density. That is the biological realm. Or, the 3rd, which would be the psychological realm. The realm where it is possible, albeit inprobable that you will make a concious choice that goes against everything 2nd density (survival oriented) for a different goal. And that is usually either to serve the self through the heart (emotions) or the intellect (throat).

Follow that by the decision from the there to understand where one is (6th) to the singular (7th, we are all one).

So. Looking at it from this perspective.

If you like your life in the 2nd density, it is quick and usually brutal.

3rd and you get to see the big picture a little bit, that it is in the balance between the two, and that there is something bigger than what you see in just the two choices that is, in itself, being served by the presentation of choices.

4th and you start to enjoy social circles, and understand that the company of others is, in itself, a great goal. You advance not strictly for any goal that is tied to a outcome (sts-sto) but purely because "it is in your heart and the company you keep" it is irrelevant from the souls perspective which group it belongs to, it will always find said group more pleasurable than the other group.

5th and you start to enjoy the art of mathmathics and plotting your trajectory. You start to make grand choices and start to plot your life, use mathmathics, science and so on.

6th and you start to combine the two with others (combine heart-social with the complex understanding of intellect so, Social(external)-Memory(internal)-Complex(some random variation of what would be "normal" thats "complex")

7th and you understand that the there is always a new octave in everything. You integrate past lessons, replot for new lessons and then eventually reincarnate again, as a single entity with no discerneble past.

So. From this PoV the harvest is the logical conclusion of the human races search for a new plateu of existence. If I am correct, and the singularity/harvest is at this moment. Then you simply need to ask yourself this. "How long do you think you need on the 3rd density before you accept that the singularity ahead, is always unreachable, just as the singularity behind. You will always remain between the two singularities once you gain sentience (jumping through the 5th to live all available singular lives in an instant).

So. From my Ra/Life experiences PoV every soul ever born that wants it, is still alive, exactly as they want it.

Personally, While it might take me a VERY long time, i do like to merge with other souls eventually Smile

RE: Oneness: Addition or Subtraction? - Snowflower - 01-11-2012

Thank you both for responding. The concept of adding the memories of others had not occurred to me. I appreciate this deeply. It is comforting.

RE: Oneness: Addition or Subtraction? - Plenum - 03-17-2012

Oneness is Inner Unification.

RE: Oneness: Addition or Subtraction? - Steppingfeet - 03-17-2012


Quote:65.20 I am Ra. One meets the self in the center or deeps of the being. The so-called resonating chamber may be likened unto the symbology of the burial and resurrection of the body wherein the entity dies to self and through this confrontation of apparent loss and realization of essential gain, is transmuted into a new and risen being.

RE: Oneness: Addition or Subtraction? - BrownEye - 03-18-2012

Quote:Ra: I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.

RE: Oneness: Addition or Subtraction? - Patrick - 03-19-2012

The way I understand it is that your personality changes and evolves until you are once again the One Infinite Creator. You never cease to exist, your Self just changes. Just within a single lifetime here, we can already notice our personality changing at least a little.

So you change and this is a process, it's not sudden and the rate is only ever according to your own free will. Going back to oneness is not to be feared and never means you cease to exist.

Your sense of Self only ever changes and never ceases. Smile