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Hrvest: what it might be looking at the previous small one. - freestonew - 04-16-2012

hi all.

I have my own idea as to how the Harvest might play out, using a past "harmonic" harvest as an Indicator.

In my USA country, many university schools have two major semesters, fall and winter. Most people graduate at the end of four semesters, in the spring. Here at my University, Florida State University, about 6,000 graduate in about May 10th.
but there are a few who graduate at the end of the fall semester, around december 15th. Maybe 2000, here.
Obviously, a visitor might, by looking at the fall graduation exercises, he might be able to "predict" what the spring graduation program might be like.

the Harvest.
was there another harvest that might be looked at, to see what might lie ahead for this One?! Another harvest within historic times.

there is a legend about Jesus. it is said that the ascended saints delayed their ascension up to heaven until Jesus died and they waited until he was ready to Rise to meet his Father and they all went up with him.

this legend, above, was described by some Guide, writing through a medium, and he wanted to make a Point, using it. He said that this actually happened, more or less, but the legend has a real basis, and it is this: within each major cycle are smaller cycles and Jesus's death was one of those cycles. Many many old souls, "last time incarnating souls" , were ready to leave the vicinity of the earth sphere, and many more were yet still incarnated, but slated to leave after they died. Thus indeed when Jesus Ascended to his Father, they went with him, then or a bit later through the "portal".
the guide then wrote that this eventually had a vast effect upon the area of the world where Jesus had his sphere of influence: the Roman Empire. Thus when he died, many old souls went with him and they never incarnated again. Then when the living old souls died, they too went through that "Jesus-portal"!
sometime, then, after about 40 AD onwards, fewer and fewer old souls reincarnated into Roman empire. Eventually so many government posts, Leaders, philosophers, etc...were more and more younger souls. the quality of leadership began to fall. It took until 450 Ad for Rome to come apart. But in the middle east, and even in the eastern Roman empire, enough old souls remained for more effective leadership.

this guide then explains why few artists, in the Dark Ages, even could paint in perspective! probably, i might imagine, by 500 A D, most of the older souls had left the incarnational cycle. Nothing but peasants and young soul leaders and artists left.

I thus Present this Idea for you all.
for *our* major Ascension Time.

*This* cycle, of course is the major *major* cycle.
Assuming no asteroid, earthchanges, flu, ww III, etc, take us all out, it might well be that after that Marker Time of 2012, or soon afterwards, old souls will stop appearing into birth. many many new baby souls will come in and fewer and fewer older souls.

there was some unrecalled science fiction story, i read once, where suddenly everyone on earth permanently lost about 60 IQ points via a solar dust cloud! the average IQ now was about 60, all over the earth!!
most of the leaders now had IQs of 70 or 80! Use your imagination as to what the society might then be like within another 30 years from that date!
the usa and europe might act like most 3rd world countries, 40 wars will break out and downwards from that.

In other words, it might take 100 years after 2012 for "everything to fall apart"! except for a few Monasteries, the Lights will slowly go out, all over the world.

my "model" does not need end times disasters! this will happen slowly but surely. like one high school senior class leaving and another junior class coming in; all at the same time.


RE: Hrvest: what it might be looking at the previous small one. - zenmaster - 04-16-2012

Apparently, after 2012 sometime, the incarnating souls will cease being wanderers (no point), so in that sense no 'old souls'. But the souls being born will be those newly graduated from 3D (from other planets not capable of supporting 4D). If there is no disaster, that is. That would imply an influx of 'strange', loving, souls. When 3D energies completely diminish, presumably the strangeness is not really an issue as there is more common ground and understanding from 4D. The social complex mind will be that of beginning 4D with no influence from 3D (as collective mind). The IQ levels should skyrocket by virtue of more use of the frontal lobes and less confusion.

Regarding things falling apart - obviously, with the increased awareness available, social institutions dependent on outmoded, unnecessary behavior for their existence will be disrupted.