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Guidelines: Healing / Health & Diet - bring4th_admin - 07-02-2012

Healing Forum and Health & Diet Subforum Guidelines
These guidelines are intended to augment the general forum guidelines. Please be sure to review those guidelines before posting here, with particular care to #11:

Quote:11) Mental health and medication
Some seekers who participate on Bring4th have experiences with mental illness, atypical psychology or neurology, and various types of psychiatric medication. Such topics require an abnormal level of expertise and understanding to discuss properly and responsibly, and so we ask that members practice extreme sensitivity when addressing these subjects. Please be sensitive to the various needs of all body complexes and respect other members' diagnoses and treatments. Please do not attempt to offer unsolicited feedback or advice about mental health, psychiatric issues, and other aspects of neurodiversity. Please do not dissuade members from their current psychiatric treatments.

The Confederation has expressed the importance of remembering that allopathic healers are, indeed, healers. We encourage an open discussion of all experiences in the context of spirituality, but ask that a certain restraint and sensitivity be added when speaking about someone else's experiences in these areas. It is possible to share your personal experiences without directly prescribing, diagnosing, or discouraging another member from their own treatments or approaches.

Please also keep the following guidelines in mind when interacting on these forums:

Respecting the Free Will to Choose Treatment/Healing Modalities
One's health and chosen approach to healing is an intensely personal decision. Offering guidance or advice for such requires sensitivity and respect for each individual's circumstances and choices. Please do not offer unsolicited diagnoses, assertions about cures, or assessments of others through a healing modality that has not been explicitly chosen by them.

Consideration for Neurodiversity and for those who bear Physical/Mental Conditions
There is a vast range of expressions of neurodiversity, mental health/illness, and other various physical or psychological circumstances. Please be respectful, sensitive, and accommodating to the various expressions of health that can be found in these areas and do not treat any particular circumstance as a handicap.

Abuse-Survivors and Trauma
Abuse and trauma carry a heavy charge and require extra sensitivity in discussion. In particular, please do not invalidate the lived trauma or abuse of another, or offer any unsolicited opinion or advice about their relationship to such experiences.

Dietary Considerations
People may choose certain diets or relationships with food for a variety of reasons, from ethics and spiritual considerations to health and special needs. Please be respectful of other members' choices when discussing the various aspects of diet and food.