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manual restart - Plenum - 12-31-2012

it seems like a rather arbitrary point to reset the year on Jan 1, but hey, humans like arbitrary things.

so thanks for a great 2012 (best year of my life thus far), and all the best on the coming 365 days.

I appreciate you all.

[Image: LDEkx.jpg]

[Image: VN01e.gif]

RE: manual restart - Aureus - 12-31-2012

Excuse the giant image, but it may serve as some inspiration for the time to come. (take it with a pinch of salt)
[Image: plexuswolf.jpg?w=0c88178b]

Happy new year everyone!

RE: manual restart - Sagittarius - 12-31-2012

Indeed happy new years to everyone. Here's to a revolutionary year.

RE: manual restart - Jeremy - 12-31-2012

Yes this is the first year in a long time that I'm actually looking forward to. So many great things happened during the last half of this passed year and I am determined to make this year not only that much greater for myself, but hope to inject just a little of that happiness to all others whom I cross paths with.

RE: manual restart - reeay - 12-31-2012

Happy new year to you all!

RE: manual restart - Dinko - 01-01-2013

happy fap year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!