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Significator and the Choice as Pair - Ankh - 04-02-2013

Ra, 88.24 Wrote:You will note that the consideration of the Significator was left unpaired, for the Significator shall be paired with Archetype Twenty-Two.

These two have a very fascinating relationship with each other, also being the most fascinating Archetypes to me...

The Choice, or the Fool, possesses Faith.

And the Significator possesses Will.

The faith is a walking into the space without regard for what is to come next, which is the characteristic of a spiritual neophyte, and is also foolish (Ra, 67.30).

And the will is that which is powerful within us as co-Creators, and Ra cannot ascribe to this faculty too much importance (Ra, 52.7). The faculty of will, or pure desire, is the most important and significant product of the potential that occured created by the veiling (Ra, 85.19).

Looking at specifically Hierophant, or the Significator of the Mind, Ra says:

Ra 79.21 Wrote:The mind itself became an actor possessed of free will and, more especially, will. As the Significator of the mind, the Hierophant has the will to know, but what shall it do with its knowledge, and for what reasons does it seek?

A fascinating question that has been hunting me... It can also be liken to the Significator of the Spirit, a living entity which absorbs the love and light of the One Infinite Creator - but for what purpose does it absorb, and what shall it do with it? Radiate it to others, or absorb it for itself?

My current answer to what Significator seeks, is the power which gives meaning to its existence:

Ra, 50.6 Wrote:The negatively oriented being will be one who feels that it has found power that gives meaning to its existence precisely as the positive polarization does feel.

Could this also be part of that axis upon which creation turns, the power which gives meaning to our own existence? Ra said that the original Logos's experience was small, and now is more. Because the Choice is providing more power to the meaning of the existence?

Ra also said that "the original desire is that entities seek and become one" (Ra, 20.27). And this is also true for negative entities, as seen in this quote: "...when a positively oriented entity incarnates in a thoroughly negative environment it must needs learn/teach the lessons of the love of self thus becoming one with its other-selves" (Ra, 69.11). So even though the Fool might choose walking through an eclipse as meaningfull to its existence, it still seeks to become one...

Another question that I have pondering: Significator are elements of the mind, body and spirit complexes, but I don't know if the Choice is an element of the mind/body/spirit complex at all? Could it be what Ra might have meant, when saying that this Archetype is fixed and single? That it is not part of our complexes, but perhaps is that road upon which we stand, or perhaps the map we are looking at when studying these images... Or a blueprint offered by sub-logos to mind/body/spirit complexes, but itself not being part of us/them... Or maybe... It is a part of Significator? But in that case, why isn't there a Choice of the Body and the Choice of the Spirit? Nay... It is *the* Choice... Dang! There are too many elements! BigSmile How shall we integrate them all into One? Could it be by making this Choice? Significator making that single unifying Choice?...

The seeker seeks the One.

And adept working with Archetypes, is refining this seeking by refining the understanding of these two Archetypes. The seeker can be refined by understanding the Significator. The One can be refined by understanding the Choice.

The keys to magical personality are among others, will and polarity. This study is a way of seeking these keys.

RE: Significator and the Choice as Pair - Plenum - 04-02-2013

hey Ankh, I've been working with the Significators myself of late.

in relation to the Choice pairing, these quotes may be enlightening:

"97.16 The nature of polarity is interesting in that those experiences offered to the Significator as positive frequently become recorded as productive of biases which may be seen to be negative, whereas the fruit of those experiences apparently negative is frequently found to be helpful in the development of the service-to-others bias. As this is perhaps the guiding characteristic of that which the mind processes and records, these symbols of polarity have thusly been placed."

also, in relation to a new born baby, which almost everyone will acknowledge has a distinct and present personality (ie not a blank slate), there are things that go beyond astrological leanings, ie, the significant self is an entity is already present, even though the memories of previous incarnations may not be:

92.18 The mind/body/spirit complex which is an infant has one highly developed portion which may be best studied by viewing the Significators of Mind and Body. You notice we do not include the spirit. That portion of a mind/body/spirit complex is not reliably developed in each and every mind/body/spirit complex. Thusly the infant’s significant self, which is the harvest of biases of all previous incarnational experiences, offers to this infant biases with which to meet new experience.

these 'biases' are very fruitful to query in the self. They mark one already as 'different' from the first breath of life. These biases would include those of polarity (positive entities are born positive, negative entities negative).

hence the tie in to the 'Choice'.

RE: Significator and the Choice as Pair - Eddie - 04-02-2013

Another way of looking at 22, is "hanged man" vs "dancer". You cannot be an accomplished dancer, in the context of this discussion, without being the "hanged man". The Ego must hang before one can dance lightly....dancing is one of the greatest of arts, and one of the most misunderstood and misappreciated in the modern age. The dancer touches the earth lightly, harmoniously, beautifully.....

Lana, do you remember the presentation I gave at Homecoming in 2011?

RE: Significator and the Choice as Pair - Ankh - 04-03-2013

Hey plenum, thanks for the quotes! It's interesting, cause just the last weekend I spoke to a lady who said something about children being so different. She has two kids and she tried to be just and even with both of them. They received equally much and she always strived for that, and yet, she said, they turned out so different... So we have our uniqueness, which is expressed in the Significator, among other things I guess. Smile

Eddie, not only does the dancer touches the earth lightly, harmoniously, and beautifully, it is also an art! I agree. I remember your speech! Smile It actually reminded me of one of my own memories. On my native Earth, we seemed to use dancing as a channeling of the intelligent infinity directly into the planetary vibration. We had a fire in the middle. Then the inner circle surrounding the fire were of those who directly channeled the energy through the movements, which looked like a dance to me. The middle circle served as a battery perhaps, and provided power to those who were dancing. These people were focused on some specific sounds that they made. Sometimes when one of the dancers lost their focus or power, it could sit down for a while in the middle circle to gain its focus again, and sometimes, when one of those in the middle circle would gain the inspiration, it could join those in the inner circle. These two circles were then surrounded by the last, an outer circle. This is where the rest of our people were sitting. These were sending love and blessings to this ritual magical dances, by the mind, body and spirit... Ah, cherished memories indeed... Didn't you remember something similar, and is what you spoke of in your presentation? Smile

RE: Significator and the Choice as Pair - Confused - 04-03-2013

(04-02-2013, 09:26 AM)Ankh Wrote: Could this also be part of that axis upon which creation turns, the power which gives meaning to our own existence?


That is brilliant and extraordinarily insightful and illuminating!

Thank you, Ankh. Heart