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ARCHETYPES SPECIAL SHOW! - Monica - 06-14-2013

The long awaited...

We will be discussing the Archetypes (as depicted in the Tarot) on the radio show Friday June 14! This may span several shows. Carla and Jim will systematically make their way through the Archetypes!

Feel free to post any questions on this topic! Better yet, call in live and join the discussion!


no doubt this will be really helpful to those who have no history or background with the tarot (like I did before I read Ra).

the archetypes may seem dense and arcane, but for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of the patterns and movement of the mind, they are gold, liquid gold.

this quote here illustrates their place in one's possible seeking:


The adept has already worked much, not only within the red, orange, yellow, and green energy centers, but already in the opening of blue and indigo.

Up through this point the archetypes function as the great base or plinth of a builded structure or statue keeping the mind complex viable, level, and available as a resource whenever it may be evoked.

There is a point at which the adept takes up its work.

This is the point at which a clear and conscious consideration of the archetypical mind is useful.

that last point speaks volumes BigSmile

RE: ARCHETYPES SPECIAL SHOW! - Bluebell - 02-17-2015

I have a question about archetypes in dreams. I always dream via the same people. People that shaped/influenced me from small child to teens. They tend to always represent certain archetypal thing. Such as safety, loyalty, betrayal etc. The tarot has a finite amount of archetypes, can people add to that? I know i'm really ignorant about archetypes. Is there an unchanging finite set?