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Scientists turn pure light (photons) into matter - Adonai One - 05-25-2014

Quote:41.9 Questioner: Then what is the simplest being that is manifested? I am supposing it might be a single cell or something like that. And how does it function with respect to energy centers?

Ra: I am Ra. The simplest manifest being is light or what you have called the photon. In relationship to energy centers it may be seen to be the center or foundation of all articulated energy fields.

RE: Scientists turn pure light (photons) into matter - AnthroHeart - 05-25-2014

Sai Baba could supposedly manifest things out of thin air.

I found this video:

RE: Scientists turn pure light (photons) into matter - Guardian - 05-26-2014

Nice to see another piece of the Ra material verified

Quote:27.16 Questioner: Then this vibration which is, for lack of better understanding, which we would call pure motion; it is pure love; it is— it is not— it is nothing that is yet condensed, shall we say, to form any type or density of illusion. This Love then creates by this process of vibration a photon, as we call it, which is the basic particle of light. This photon then, by added vibrations and rotations, further condenses into particles of the densities, the various densities that we experience. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

RE: Scientists turn pure light (photons) into matter - Void_Marker - 07-27-2020

This is the exact topic I have been seeking To Discuss.
Other members of this forum have brought it to my attention as well. One member called the point of turning light photons into matter The Grail. Using ultra high voltage High Hertz[frequency] with zero amps we can attract an aetheric force also called cold electricity or hyper cube energy. This hyper cube energy when exposed to a light source of protons they will begin To crystallize each other and begin the process of light particles becoming actual 3D mass. The 4D becomes 3D. This process can also be used for implosion and fusion To create the flower of life out of various elements and compounds.