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what is mental/emotional? - Plenum - 07-13-2014

Ra uses this phrase a few times:

and uses it as distinct from just 'mental energy'

Quote:so what is mental/emotional referring to? Is Ra just emphasising that all emotions come from a mental aspect?


"The mental and mental/emotional distortions are near to balance and the vital energy of the instrument, as a whole"

"Such an operation would be of aid in the event that the entity chose this physical cleansing as an event which collaborated with changes in the mental, mental/emotional, and physical orientations of the entity."

"At the same time, if you will use this term, the female discharges the efflux of its stored mental and mental/emotional energy, thereby offering inspiration, healing, and blessing to the male which by nature is less vital in this area."

RE: what is mental/emotional? - AnthroHeart - 07-13-2014

I'm not sure, but once I was trying to build an emotional database by experiencing different emotions in wide variety.
It was a mental construct. Though I could feel it in my heart chakra. And I associated the color blue to the emotions.

RE: what is mental/emotional? - GentleReckoning - 07-13-2014

Emotions are created from thought beliefs. Change your thoughts and eventually the emotional body will imprint the new way of being. Just a thought.

RE: what is mental/emotional? - Horuseus - 07-13-2014

(07-13-2014, 12:49 PM)GentleReckoning Wrote: Emotions are created from thought beliefs.

I found emotions result from the interaction of processing experience with current beliefs/distortions which relate to that aspect. A non desirable 'emotion' would highlight an imbalance (Stemming from a belief not in alignment). It's a good feedback system. Obviously, if it's ignored, the catalyst trickles down/escalates to the physical body causing dis-ease as 'stronger' feedback.

RE: what is mental/emotional? - reeay - 07-13-2014

Emotion is mostly a body complex phenomenon (e.g., the limbic system such as the amygdala).

When we experience emotions, we interpret those physiological responses via our mind. That's when we have things like 'emotional schemes' which are akin to what Jungians call 'complexes' in the unconscious mind. Principles (like beliefs and world views and values and preferences) that organize our behavior/action.

What's curious is that we do not notice all the emotions that course through the brain (1-2 emotions, according to research), but somehow our mental energy flows to the one or two - why (that's when we can find interesting things about self)?

Thoughts do not create emotions, but thoughts may direct awareness to what emotions you become aware of. When you unpack those emotions, you may find it pealing like an onion - you may find more authentic emotions around a given situation - that's why we distinguish between primary, secondary, and instrumental emotions bc complexity of emotions is not obvious to us. That's why emotions need to be unpacked and is a great signpost.

RE: what is mental/emotional? - anagogy - 07-13-2014

Thought is approaching things from the rational/logical/mental/"space-time-ish" side.

Feeling is approaching things from a spiritual/intuitive/"time-space-ish" side.

They are two sides of the same coin though. Thought is seeing a cognitive object from a more separated perspective (outside looking in). Keeping in mind, of course, that mental activity is still more "inner" than body consciousness activity, yet not as "inner" as spiritual activity. Emotion is looking at a cognitive object from a more synthesized perspective (inside looking out).

Every thought has a emotional charge, however, sometimes the charge is not consciously perceptible. If the focus of thought is very similar to your current focus of thought, or perspective, the emotional charge is not readily perceptible because the emotional charge is your perception of a thoughts capacity or power to change your reality, and also a measure of how that power to change resonates with your higher self perspective. So if your thoughts are just perpetuating what already is, it will just be seen as "mental activity" as opposed to "mental/emotive" activity. And if I were a betting man, that would be the distinction I would say Ra was making when delineating these concepts separately.

So if your thought resonates closer to your higher self focus of thought, or perspective, you perceive the charge as "positive", and if the focus of thought resonates further away from your higher self perspective the charge is perceived as "negative".

There is also the outer manifestation of emotion felt viscerally, and chemically, within the physical body itself. The synthesized perspective clothes itself in outer biological processes. The "chemical cocktail" as it were that we, in the physical, have come to know and appreciate, and on occasion, dread.

RE: what is mental/emotional? - Adonai One - 07-13-2014

Emotion is the base of every thought which feedbacks into informing further emotion. Every emotional resistance stems from a thought of attachment that forms greater or lesser attachment. Every "fact" and belief stems from a emotional resonance with an idea. Further attachment turns it into greater thought.

Love -> Light