Shri Mataji wrote a letter to the Flower Children of the world
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Shri Mataji wrote a letter to the Flower Children of the world
There's a term one day I hope will become popular because there's no English equivalent. Temixoch. Mesoamerican in origin. Flowery dream/dream flower [xochitl means flower in Nahuatl]. It brings to mind a young woman with flowers in her hair in a wide open green space. And suddenly I'm reminded of this written by Mataji in the 70s

You are angry with life
Like small children
Whose mother is lost in darkness.
You sulk expressing despair
At the fruitless end of your journey.
You wear ugliness to discover Beauty.
You name everything false in the name of Truth.
You drain out emotions to fill the cup of Love.
My sweet children, my darling
How can you get peace by waging war
With yourself, with your being, with joy itself.
Enough are your efforts of renunciation.
The artificial mask of consolation.
Now rest in the petals of the lotus flower
In the lap of your gracious Mother.
I will adorn your life with beautiful blossoms
And fill your moments with joyful fragrance.
I will anoint your head with Divine Love
For I cannot bear your torture anymore.
Let me engulf you in the ocean of joy,
So you lose your being in the Greater one
Who is smiling in your calyx of self
Secretly hidden to tease you all the while.
Be aware and you will find Him
Vibrating your every fibre with blissful joy
Covering the whole Universe with light.

Param-chaitanya - All pervading divine love

[i]Supreme truth-allpervading divine vibration/ is the approximate translation

"What are you searching? Why are you aimlessly and listlessly running about? The joy that you have searched in material gains, the joy that you are looking for in power, the joy that disappeared in the words of books—the so-called knowledge—is all lost in yourself, and you are still searching and seeking! You can pay attention to everything outside yourself. You are lost in your thoughts, like babes in the wood.

But there is great hope that you can rise into the Heaven of thoughtless awareness, which we call Self-realization. I invite you to this feast of Divine Bliss, which is pouring around you, even in this Kali Yuga, in these God-forsaken modern times. I hope you will come and enjoy the spiritual experience of the life eternal.”

I've tried every kind of meditation and decided Sahaja is the most effective. anyone telling you complicated methods is making mental projections which is opposite the point. the body wants homeostasis which is what meditation brings you toward

Swirl your right hand around your heart and focus to energize with your fingers together pointed like they're a pointed claw

there's more self-realization videos but I really think the point of them is to tell you that you need to forgive yourself and people if you want to make progress. the affirmations I think are to get masses of people to think they're accomplishing more because it gives them a sense of action. ["surely it can't be as giving up the desire to control where my mind is going hm?]"

palms facing upward placed on the lap
don't control where your thoughts are going. dissolve them.

Also read the Kybalion I think reading that as a prequisite to Ra material would make it a lot easier to understand. It's free on the sacred-texts website.

The goal of these practices is to achieve what is known as Samadhi. Balanced chakras [balanced vibratory complex in Ra material, which is what they recommend]

Sanskrit- various interpretations for the term's etymology are possible:

sam, "together"; a, "toward"; stem of dadhati, "puts, places": "a putting or joining together;"[web 2]
sam, "together" or "integrated"; ā, "towards"; dhā, "to get, to hold": "to acquire integration or wholeness, or truth" (samāpatti);
sam, "uniformly" or "fully"; adhi, "to get established: : a state wherein one establishes himself to the fullest extent in the Supreme consciousness;
samā, "even"; dhi, "intellect": a state of total equilibrium of a detached intellect.
sam, "perfect," "complete." dhi, "consciousness": a state of being where "all distinctions between the person who is the subjective meditator, the act of meditation and the object of meditation merge into oneness.
sama, "equanimous" dhi,"buddhi or the intellect[/i]


Oftentimes I'm reminded of an old game World of Warcraft I used to play.

There was a part of this game with a beautiful Green dragon lord Ysera, who resided over the Emerald dream. A vast natural world in a place inhabited by dragons and all kinds of funny creatures. But something was wrong, the beings behaved erratic. Falling asleep, stumbling, dying. The emerald dream was turned in to a nightmare by an unseen, hostile or disturbed mental forces.

It reminds me all the time how Shri Mataji would say that there's nothing more disturbing to the peace of our planet than the condition of human minds. Fixing the restless mentality that so people have is just about the only way out of our mess.
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