questions concerning guideline #4
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RE: questions concerning guideline #5
(07-09-2015, 06:34 AM)Bluebell Wrote:  the reason i ask is because *someone* refused to tell me their political views out of fear of punishment. i went to look and imo guideline #5 is what might have caused this fear.

We are responsible for how we interpret things Bluebell, thus it is not the clear and transparent guidelines that are the cause, but more the interpretation of them. How we interpret things is the culmination of our own experiences, upbringing, general enculturation. They also point to which of our energy centres could do with some attention, if we were to take metasphysical studies as valid and beneficial. The guidelines are clear and set because it categorically aserts that spiritual awareness is valid and beneficial. I don't think it is about what is discussed, but how the discussion is expressed.

For what it is worth Bluebell I have had 2 posts deleted, and although I will admit openly to what I expressed at the time, I am still grateful that they were taken down.
...the highest wisdom is to suffer all men to have full liberty to think on all subjects in their own way. - OAHSPE  
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