Believing yet not without doubt
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RE: Believing yet not without doubt
Hello Koolaid.
I have been following the LOO material for at least 25 years. Several years ago, I went through about a year of becoming very skeptical about it all to the point of being afraid all of it might be false and that I might have wasted a huge segment of my life placing so much energy in something that was deluded. There are some things in it that make me really wonder, but I've been very observant over the past 25+ years, and I have witnessed things unfold in a way that seems to have confirmed almost everything Ra said. But some of that skepticism surrounded the pyramids for me as well. I kept thinking that if the Great Pyramid had appeared overnight as was said, there would have been some record of that happenning since it's from the time of Imhotep, and there are many records in existence from that time. Also, there are the quarry marks and other things that make it seem very man-made. Also, the dates of the construction of the pyramids and the apparent trouble Ra had in pinning down an exact date for it that made me question it. Another thing was the statment that Uranus was moving through 1st density and woud move through all the densities. Uranus? It's on the edge of the solar system. How could it support 2nd or 3rd density life? There are many other loose ends in the material that I wish I had more info on. There is a "loose ends" thread somewhere in the forum that I've posted on. Maybe right here would be a good place to start another one. But even with the loose ends, my inner guidance tells me the LOO material is legit, as I always knew on an inner level that it was. I was incredibly drawn to it from the first time I read it. I've now probably read parts of it hundreds of times, more or less. Hope this helps.
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