Wanderer? My Transformation Story
07-01-2018, 09:38 PM,
RE: Wanderer? My Transformation Story
Ree33, kudos to you for speaking up, finding a community and reading some of the most amazing books available. My story is some 70 years long and I don't recall the first 4. The most difficult part for me was understanding one concept from another. I knew what I could do, was doing and in trying to find out the "what" they were I found that the words were a huge problem. Kundalini? Perhaps but is it really important to have a name to a gift? These confusions seriously threw me off until I found I could intuit my truth, we all have this ability once we sever the cultural ties that demand instant understanding and agreement. Your higher self will assist you as will others just for the asking. The most important thing is to revere your oneness with the infinite and get your experiences for your learning and find a higher and higher integrity to yourself and others. Love
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