Working with your Shadow
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RE: Working with your Shadow
This thread is very relevant to what’s been on my mind for the past month or so. Working with the Shadow, rather than the shadow being in control or denying the shadow. The catalyst for these contemplations have been a video game Persona 5. The premise of the story is that we are group of friends who go around “stealing hearts” from wicked and corrupt adults. Distorted desires are the nucleus of the Shadow in Persona 5. To accomplish this “change of heart”, we go into their cognitive world and steal their “treasure” which is the nucleus of the distorted desires. It’s the seed which catalyze them on the left hand path. After the treasure is stolen, the individual has a change of heart. The shadow is integrated into the personality rather than dominating the individual. If the shadow is destroyed, the individual suffers a mental shutdown in reality. The shadow is a part of our beingness. We all have one and we can’t live without it.

To those who understand something about metaphysics and polarity, this is clearly wrong because one has the god-given right to choose his polarity. That’s not to say what the criminals are doing is not wrong, it most certainly is. But the thing is that the STS individual is successfully polarizing on his path. Everyone else around him passively or actively accepts his tyranny. He therefore has a right to do what he is doing. We always want to put the blame on the negative polarity but we need to recognize just how responsible WE are. Negatives alone cannot control mankind or reality. Of necessity they need an “other” to dominate and control. Unfortunate a lot of people will make excuses for their enslavement. Because they also want to benefit from his corruption.
The hero of the story inspires those around him to reclaim their hearts and to be themselves, rather than accept the fate that’s given to them.

A major point in this game is that one can change his fate. It’s funny because there is a confidant in the game in the form of a fortune teller. She has the gift of prediction. Anyway, I’m at her booth and she’s giving a reading to a man who is trying to decide if he should marry his long time sweetheart or marry into a business deal for advancement in the world. She told the man that he will face ruin and poverty if he doesn’t take the business deal. She said his fate had been revealed and that it couldn’t be changed. UNTIL my character asked him what is that he truly wants. He spoke his heart and everything became clear to him. He made his choice that he would marry his sweetheart. The fortune teller was mad at me but then she re did the reading and his fate had completely changed. Instead of ruin his future would be quite happy and prosperous.

Anyway, to sum it, the integration of our shadow is a necessary part of spiritual development. In my opinion, a safe way to work with the shadow is in meditation. There we can begin to recognize this shadow and turn it towards service to the light.
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