The positive path in our third density
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The positive path in our third density
You won't always be rewarded for the good that you do. or the good that you are.
In fact there's sometimes punishment for it in the illusion... if you don't hide your shadow self, then u will be seen as ''bad'' and sth to avoid.
and if you're less honest and hide behind innocent images/illusions, u will be received well even by those who think they see.

Also there will be those that will see their weakness in the polarizing entity's strength.. and will blame them for it.
I've seen many who are abused and mistreated by society. they continue to not stand up for the self when an entity treats them bad. but they will be rude to those that seek to help them. the true friends, decent people.

The experience won't be grand and epic. this mission is down to earth and humble.
You're not very polarized if you can't be around a friend when he's a bit down or angry. Smile

Being awake means continuing to love an entity even if they make life impossible to enjoy for you/others. that is unity.
Do you accept this? only a fierce warrior of light would go through with this selfless ''agreement''.
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